Sunday Musings.

The weather of late has been fantastic, so much so that the swimming pool that we bought for the summer has been in the garden all week.  The flip-side of that is that we’re currently having weather warnings telling us there is a chance of snow later this week!  Unbelievable really, but the same time last year we still had ice and snow round and about.

Anyway, enjoying what is left of the good weather we went for a walk yesterday.  My eldest was at her friends party so it was just my wife, the youngest, the dog and myself.  Pretty amazing what you find on your doorstep.  The following photo was taken just round the corner from our house.  And people still ask us why we left Manchester to move up to Scotland.  Here’s the reason…


Other News.

I’m currently editing a short story anthology that I will be releasing within the next few weeks.  It’s untitled at the moment but I’m sure something will present itself to me in good time.  I did have a title but was talked out of it by my wife and a mate.  There’s plenty of time.

My novel, The Court (may also change) is coming along nicely but slowly.  It was at a virtual standstill until I had an email exchange with online friend, Thomas Pluck.  I decided to start it again, copying and pasting some parts from the old one and losing a lot of words that involved too many characters.  It seems to flow a lot better now.  I just wish I had more “quality” time to spend on it.  I’ve got some days off over the next few weeks so I’m going to “go out” and write. Away from the distraction that is the internet!  I’ve got a few spots in mind that has no phone signal and stunning views.  Hopefully I will be inspired to JUST WRITE!!!

Well that’s enough.





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6 responses to “Sunday Musings.

  1. So….why did you leave tropical Manchester for Bloody Scotland?

    Nah, seriously. I’m a city kid to the bone (my ideal home is in the centre of town. I even know the building.) But I moved to Wales several years ago for study and the difference was amazing, even in the quality of air.

    And that photo beats the park that’s next to my house (and bigger than backyards tend to be in Manchester.)

    By the way, why are you wasting time on the internet? Get writing!


  2. I hear snow is on the way to you lot up North! You’ll have to take another picture of that view.

    Glad to hear you’re plugging away at the writing 🙂 – keep going, keep going….
    I just started this year’s April A-Z challenge with 1st instalment of 26×100-word pieces, each beginning with a different letter. It may not be a novel, but it exercised the grey-matter trying to weave it all together ! (then again, I may indeed revisit it as a longer piece….!)

  3. Dave,

    I remember that view, you stuffy so ‘n’ so! 😦

    Great to hear you’re moving things forward with your collection, and The Court.

    Still waiting for you to follow me on WordPress. Call yerself a mate! 😉

    Good stuff, bud.


  4. Good choice, David. Happy scribbling and watch for that pesky Heathcliff fellow.

  5. Thomas Pluck

    Looking forward to reading your stories and The Court. And what a beautiful photo. I can’t wait to visit. We’re trying to visit for the Bloody Scotland convention so we can meet everyone there, and not have to coordindate so many visits.

  6. I’m looking forward to your collection, David.

    And what a beautiful shot! You made the right move, sir.

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