Photo-Finish Friday.

We visited St Andrews a few weeks ago with my brother and his family.  The old Cathedral is a magnificent site which dates back to the 12th century.  I found it interesting that in those days you were buried in concrete coffins with toilets in them! (Notice the hole.)  Ha!



Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J Uts.




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4 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday.

  1. Thomas Pluck

    Well, if you had to go, you’d be holding it a long time.

  2. Leah J. Utas

    Interesting pic, David.

  3. I’d poop me-self if I died too!

  4. kaye gilchrist

    Hi david…is everything all right …have been trying to contact you…right now in phoenix Arizona …back home next week..did you get my email?? Love..kaye..

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