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Thoughts and Merry Christmas…..

*blows cobwebs away from around the blog*

Merry Christmas...

So, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Time isn’t always kind and this year has flown by. It’s not exactly been a great year for our family, after my wife lost first her step-father and then her real father within a month of each other.

My dad has recently been in hospital again after having a mild heart attack. It was found that he’d already had one and is now on more medication (which they hope will help avoid by-pass surgery). The bloke is indestructible! Thought we were going to lose him 2 years ago after a massive stroke but he’s fighter.

Friends have lost family members and loved ones, which I suppose is just part of this life we’re living. Other friends have had they’re bad luck in other ways, too.

Life is hard and trying but we’ve just got to knuckle down and get on with it. We’re only given one chance at it so we should make the most out of every situation we’re given or put in. Things happen for a reason and they make us stronger. No, I’m not going to start quoting from the bible or any other scripture, I’m just going to say…..


I’ll leave you with a 74 word story I wrote a while ago. Have a fantastic Christmas.

A Christmas Mistake.

I thought I’d broken her neck but I hadn’t.  She was a tough one.  Her skin had seen better days but she had good, firm breasts and great legs, just how I liked them.

She lay on the table, unblinking eyes staring up at me.  I raised the cleaver and brought the steel down on her throat.  Blood spurted across the surface.

It was all over.

Next Christmas I’m buying a frozen turkey.

(Don’t forget to check out the great stories over at my magazine – Thrills, Kills ‘n’ Chaos!)



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*blows cobwebs from around the place and dusts off the desk*

It’s been a while but I’m really going to try and get this thing up and running….again.  I’m going to start with some updates and then the  interview series, 5 Questions For….., will be starting again next week.

First off: A couple of weeks ago Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers closed its door after almost 5 years.  There’s a post here explaining everything.  It was a sad day but from sad news comes good news.  I’ve started a new ‘TKnC‘ magazine, THRILLS, KILLS ‘n’ CHAOS.


Check out the Submission Guidelines page for full details.  The 1st story went up last night – GREEN GREEN GRASS by Matt Hilton.

* * *

On the subject of Matt Hilton, he’s currently giving away a short story collection.  ONE TWISTED VOICE is FREE here!

* * *

My Manc’ mate, Col Bury, has got a new short story collection available.  THE COPS OF MANCHETSER is hard hitting and gritty and available here.

* * *

Hull writer, Darren Sant has a new collection of gritty stories in his latest TALES FROM THE LONGCROFT series and is available here.

* * *

Top writer and all-round-great-guy Paul D. Brazill, who relentlessly promotes others has numerous books out and they’re all available at his author page here.

* * *

Good mate Graham Smith has been posting some great interviews and interesting articles just lately.  Check out his blog here, and while you’re there check out the links to his short story collections.  You’d be a fool not to.

* * *

That’s it for now.  Next update will be aimed at my American and Canadian friends.

Thanks for stopping by.



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Just a short post to get you up to date with my goings on.

I’m close to putting out an e-book of short stories.  Just doing some final edits and working on a cover with Caitlin Sagan.

My novel is still ongoing and will hopefully be getting close to some kind of conclusion within the next couple of months.

Other news is that I have parted company with The Flash Fiction Offensive.  It has been on my mind for a short time, as my own writing was suffering due to my spare time being taken up with the high number of submissions that the magazine got.  I like to think that was a good thing and the popularity of the mag was something I can be proud of.

ImageThere were other factors that made up my mind to move on but I left on good terms and it was my choice.  I’d like to thank Matt Louis, owner of the magazine and Out Of The Gutter, for giving me the opportunity just over 18 months ago.  It has been a great ride and I’ve learnt a great deal about editing and the experience has improved my own writing enormously.  I wish them and their new establishment the best of luck.

So, what now?  I plan on writing, writing and writing.  I’ll be blogging a bit more often, getting back into some of the routines that went by the way-side.  I will get back into editing one day.  I’ve already had one offer and I’ve also been toying with an idea of a new flash fiction magazine BUT that will be in the future.

In the meantime I’ve got a novel to finish and a few friends to catch up with and apologise for the lack of interaction over the past few months.  I’m hoping they’ll understand the reasons why.

Well, see you around.


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