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The Prediction…

Well, it’s been a while. Both on here and with me taking part in a writing challenge.

I’ve just posted my entry into The Prediction‘s 100 word challenge. The 3 words you have to include in your story are – condition, chunky and taught.

My story is called CHUNKY and is in the comments section here.

Get involved and good luck.



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Micro Fiction…

Here’s another 100(ish) word story I wrote for Lily Childsand her Friday Prediction some time ago.  Again, the 3 words escape me for this particular challenge but they mustered up the following story.

I hope you enjoy…


“Ready?” Tommo asked.

“Yes,” Mikey said.

“Okay, masks on – let’s go.”

The aroma of incense filled the shop.

“Cash – now!”

“No, no, no,” the owner shouted.

Leaning over the counter, Tommo grabbed the old man by the hair.  “MONEY!  NOW!”

As he waited he glanced at the burning incense stick, the smoke rising to the ceiling in a perfect spiral.

The old man handed over the cash, mumbling something.


“I said, may the wrath of a thousand killer bees descend upon you both.”

“Yeah, whatever, old man.”

Tommo counted the cash as they ran down the street.  Not bad!



“What’s that humming noise?”



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Micro Fiction…

The following story was written for my friend, Lily Childs, Friday Prediction.  I’m not too sure what the 3 words were for this particular challenge but they mustered up this story.

Hope you enjoy…


“Mr Jones, you need a holiday,” they’d told him. “Your phlebitis has gone but if you keep pushing yourself so hard you’re going to get yourself stressed again. With your immune system at a low, the symptoms could return.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Robert headed over to New Orleans for their annual Mardi Gras.

It was spectacular: almost as spectacular as the fountain of blood erupting from his slashed throat.

Left for dead behind a dumpster in a deserted alley, for a measly hundred dollars, stress looked the better option.


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