Short Movie Review – Jack Reacher.


Jack-Reacher-2012-Hollywood-Movie-Watch-OnlineHaving never read a Lee Child novel I was able to walk into the cinema and watch the movie with an open mind.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d read the hype and all the stories that Child had sold out as Jack Reacher is supposed to be a 6’5” man-mountain of pure muscle.  The thing is, Tom Cruise has that screen presence and acting ability to be able to pull the character off.  And he does.

The movie starts with the killing of 5 random victims.  The crime is (a bit too easily) quickly solved and during interrogation the shooter asks for Jack Reacher.   Enter Cruise/Reacher.

Reacher quickly gets involved in a case full of twists and becomes investigator/assistant to the defence lawyer, played by the beautiful Rosamund Pike, and it soon becomes obvious that there are problems that go further than one gunman.

What follows is a great, YES GREAT, movie.  The action and fight scenes are well executed and filmed and there are a couple of exciting car chases.  The dialogue is excellent and Reacher gives the movie a bit of comedy with some witty one liners.

There are a few plot holes and a couple of incidents where you think, “What was the point of that?” but aren’t there a lot of them in most movies and most of novels carry “filler” to bulk a story out?

All in all it was a great movie.  I think fans of the novels may have a different opinion as they already know (in their own minds) what Reacher looks like and how he acts.  Brain conflict may over-ride enjoyment.  I’d say throw those thoughts out and watch it as an action thriller – if you can’t you’ll miss a great movie.

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13 responses to “Short Movie Review – Jack Reacher.

  1. Yep, i enjoyed it and I’m not a great fan of Cruise.

  2. Reblogged this on Col Bury's New Crime Fiction and commented:
    “Great action thriller”, but, as Dave says, “Reacher fans may have a different view…”

  3. I thought it was dreadful. In the books Reacher would do anything to stay out of trouble or action and this character was far too keen to get involved. Unfortunately I think T.C has made too many Mission Impossibles and this film didn’t know how to take itself seriously. The point when he threw away his gun to fight the killer of 5 innocent people bare knuckle when he could easily have just shot him was ridiculous. I suggest spending your movie money on the new Bond instead which at least takes itself seriously, has incredible cinematography and the hero has an interesting character arc.

  4. Sorry, David, haven’t seen it and don’t plan to. I have seen the trailer and he looks and sounds like a wuss. I cannot seriously see where the intimidation factor comes, nor does he sound like someone I should fear if I were a bad guy – the tough guy thing just doesn’t suit him.

  5. Opinions are opinions, Mark. I don’t like James Bond – they just don’t do it for me. That’s the fantastic thing about the human brain. They all work differently. The thing is, I’m not particularly that keen on Tom Cruise BUT as an actor he’s great. Mission Impossible – I’ve seen the first one and thought it was crap. Jack Reacher I enjoyed. Shooting the bad boy was too easy. It’s happened in loads of movies and will continue to do so. A bit of bare knuckle is a macho thing that we all love in a movie. Prolong the pain for the killer.

    I don’t normally do reviews as I don’t go into a movie with the intention of pulling it to pieces about cinematography, dialogue, characterisation, etc, etc. I go (when I can) to escape reality for a couple of hours. I only did on this because of the “hype” surrounding Cruise/Reacher.


  6. When you said ‘I don’t like Bond’ that kind of blew it for me. I’ve put off going to see this as I’m a huge Lee Child fan, the books REALLY ARE great. And you almost had me thinking about giving it a go, till you said that. Now Daniel Craig can act, he epitomises Bond, and though I haven’t seen Skyfall yet, not one person I’ve asked has had a bad thing to say about it. However, Reacher – as someone said – does not go looking for trouble, so Cruise has already changed the character beyond my recognition. On top of that, he doesn’t crack jokes, nor would he throw his gun away, too many random things could have happened as a result, and Reacher doesn’t do plain stupid. Also, he is well over 6feet and is originally from the North of England..therefore, he is NOT Tom Cruise. You almost had me swayed, till you dissed

  7. I’m with you, David. Seeing the film will be my intro. Glad you liked it and welcome back to blogging. You were missed.

  8. Robin B.

    I haven’t read any of Lee Child’s novels, so I only know what I’ve heard about his protagonist’s height, behavior, etc. So I suppose it’s a bit silly for me to dismiss a short Tom Cruise in the role, when I have no familiarity WITH the character and/or role. I suppose my dislike of Cruise casting himself as Reacher comes from my feeling (when he is acting) that he has a great big boulder-on-his-shoulder, also known as a Napoleon complex. (And really, this may be a bit odd for me to be saying this, since I’m barely five feet tall!)

    I just watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol a few weekends ago with my husband, John. The movie was pretty good, but Cruise’s performance felt forced to me as a viewer, in a way his performance in the first film of the franchise did not.

    When I saw the trailers for the Reacher film on TV…I suppose I had that same “felt forced” feeling again. But that may be my prejudice – since I’ve been annoyed with Tom-bo ever since he leapt over the sofa on Oprah, pretending spontaneity that came off merely strange.

    Long way to say…okay, David, I’ll give the movie a shot, when it comes on pay-per-view.

    (P.S. Skyfall was an incredible film!!!)

  9. I agree. I’m not a Bond fan but I watched Skyfall because other screenwriters had praised it.There are many things to like about it, not least the contrast between incredible skyscapes, Shanghai, Macau, London, and the theme of contrast was intriguing, from man-eating dinosauric lizards to magnified jellyfish high above the Shanghai night-sky. Bond’s family history was also fascinating. Not only was the film more exciting than Reacher but it works on a deeper human level – has more substance. Nowhere near as deep and intriguing as Lehane’s work like Mystic River or Shutter Island but the character was believable and sympathetic.

  10. I’ve read most of the ‘Reacher’ books and have to say that in each of them the descriptions of his size, weight and character are heavily emphasised – so the thought of tiny Tom playing Jack Reacher was anathema to me!

    Also, to portray the character as a silent, foreboding stranger Lee Child often uses the line – ‘Reacher said nothing’; I couldn’t imagine Tom Cruise would settle for that!

    I wasn’t planning to see the film, concerned it would spoil the remaining books for me, but we went to the cinema as a family treat over Christmas and JR was the only film that everyone else wanted to see so I gave in and complied.

    As goes action films, it had its moments – the car chases were fairly good -although with a few prosthetics and changes of costume it could have just been another MI ! (maybe that was the Cruise factor?)

    As lovers of Robert Ludlum’s works would agree that the ‘Bourne’ franchise bears little to the written word, so I think that this incarnation of Jack Reacher is far from his original literary persona. (or the plot!)

    The acid test for me, of course, will be what images my mind conjures up when I read the next Reacher novel…..!

  11. Okay, matre. I’ll take a look, with proviso that I’d given up the Reacher series when Child started increasing the formulaic format (as most best selling, years long and successful PI novelists do these days.). I do have a soft spot for the big old goon though (Jack, not Lee) so it will be interesting to see what Cruise does with him.

  12. Robin Billings

    Agree wholeheartedly re Lehane, Mark. He’s in the top class with only a few excellent others, as far as I am concerned.

  13. In a chat yesterday, Lee made the comment that he thought Tom Cruise brought Reacher to the big screen very well, even if it was at 90% of the size (90% was clearly being generous….).

    Personally, I’m a big fan of the books and still enjoyed the movie. They stuck to the source material well enough, they generally honoured the Reacher character and they didn’t pander too much. The only thing I didn’t really like was the supporting cast, mainly Rosemund Pike. Then again, I don’t think I’ve seen her give a good performance in anything.

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