Micro Fiction…

Here’s another 100(ish) word story I wrote for Lily Childsand her Friday Prediction some time ago.  Again, the 3 words escape me for this particular challenge but they mustered up the following story.

I hope you enjoy…


“Ready?” Tommo asked.

“Yes,” Mikey said.

“Okay, masks on – let’s go.”

The aroma of incense filled the shop.

“Cash – now!”

“No, no, no,” the owner shouted.

Leaning over the counter, Tommo grabbed the old man by the hair.  “MONEY!  NOW!”

As he waited he glanced at the burning incense stick, the smoke rising to the ceiling in a perfect spiral.

The old man handed over the cash, mumbling something.


“I said, may the wrath of a thousand killer bees descend upon you both.”

“Yeah, whatever, old man.”

Tommo counted the cash as they ran down the street.  Not bad!



“What’s that humming noise?”



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3 responses to “Micro Fiction…

  1. Karma in the form of killer bees… talk about a wrath! I do miss LIly’s Predictions.

  2. The BUZZ is: That D. Barber can write the Wings off a Bee. Too bad for the boys the wings didn’t fall off until the Stings stated hitting. A Honey of a tale, mate. A great use of 100-ish words. Cool as the spray of an aerosol insecticide.

  3. Ahh biblical wrath! Love it,
    Great, taut, and precisely engineered story.

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