Micro Fiction…

The following story was written for my friend, Lily Childs, Friday Prediction.  I’m not too sure what the 3 words were for this particular challenge but they mustered up this story.

Hope you enjoy…


“Mr Jones, you need a holiday,” they’d told him. “Your phlebitis has gone but if you keep pushing yourself so hard you’re going to get yourself stressed again. With your immune system at a low, the symptoms could return.”

Throwing caution to the wind, Robert headed over to New Orleans for their annual Mardi Gras.

It was spectacular: almost as spectacular as the fountain of blood erupting from his slashed throat.

Left for dead behind a dumpster in a deserted alley, for a measly hundred dollars, stress looked the better option.


Thanks for stopping by.



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7 responses to “Micro Fiction…

  1. Loved this before… love it now.

  2. Thanks, Lily. Need to start playing again over at Phil’s place. Will have a go this week. 🙂

  3. Liam Sweeny

    That’s so much fun… Gotta’ start doing it again. Great piece, Lily!

  4. Mike Wilkerson

    Nothing like getting rolled the hard way in the Big Easy. Good to see you out and about, man.

  5. Anything with a broken bottle and arterial spray is worth a look. If it’s very well written it’s worth remembering. I’ll remember this one for a long time, David. Cool.

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