Welcome To The New Place…

Thank you for stopping by.  Due to continued problems with Blogger , I have decided to bring my site over to WordPress.

I will endeavour to keep this site updated and keep you in touch with my writing progress and the usual photographs and rants.




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11 responses to “Welcome To The New Place…

  1. stevenchapmanwriter

    ‘Bout time you came over to the dark side, mate!!

  2. Cheers, buddy. I’ll be updating for a while. Any pointers will be very much appreciated.

  3. Welcome to your new home David!

  4. Leah J. Utas

    A person can only stand so much. Good for you on the move.

  5. AJ Hayes

    Looks good, David. Here’s a Stella to smash over the bow for the launch. Or, well, you could just drink the damn thing too.

  6. Very nice, Dave! Just gonna have a nosy ’round…

  7. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. Feels a bit lonely but I’m sure that won’t be long.

    “If you build it, they will come!”

  8. Thomas Pluck

    I found ya… looking good

  9. Thanks to Aj, I’ve figured out how to post! Yay!!!!


  10. Sorry to hear that you were having major problems with Blogger. WordPress is a pretty decent host and if I’d known about them four years ago, I would’ve gone with them instead of Blogger.

    Got your feed all set up and ready to go in my subscription folders.

  11. I had to do it too, and so much happier now that I did. Good luck, looks good.

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