A Short Story – The Package, Part 6.

Here’s the next 100 word instalment of my short story, The Package.

As this story seems to be taking off, I’ve decided to give it its own page.  I will add each episode to it so you only have one link to click to catch up on earlier episodes.

The Package.

OK, the words that had to be included were: mandarin, spume and assemble.

As ever, this idea is inspired by my good friend Lily Childs’.

Hope you enjoy.

The Package, Part 6.

“What’s happened?” he asked, chewing on a segment of mandarin.
“She got away. Spencer beat…”
“NO!” he screamed, spume and pith spilling over his lips. “I want my stones back.”
“I’ll assemble my best men. We’ll get your stones. What are we to do with Venus?” Frankie Jones asked.
“Kill her.”
“Sir, she’s your dau…”
“No, she’s nothing to me. She’s a bastard child to an affair my bitch wife had.”
Ralph Henderson ended the call.  He looked at the photo on his desk and smashed it, glass cutting into his fist.

Blood dripped onto the smiling face of Venus.

…to be continued.

As usual, all comments/feedback are very much appreciated.





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7 responses to “A Short Story – The Package, Part 6.

  1. Things are rolling along here, mate. Loved that last line – great imagery/symbolism, as if Venus was mocking him.

  2. Thanks, Col. Tricky words this week!! Glad you liked it, buddy.

  3. Ralph could use a course in anger management! But it's a good thing he hasn't had one yet, because it would have been difficult to use "spume" in a sentence, if he were a calm fellow.

  4. Haha!! It was the only way I was going to get away with that word, Zelda. Thanks for reading.

  5. David, just got the chance to tune in to your story. Most exciting. You've done a good job in convincing me to come back for more.

  6. The Col stole my comment. I'll just add a heartfelt well done thus far, amigo.

  7. Leah & David – Thanks guys. Appreciate you keeping up with the story.

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