A Short Story – The Package, Part 4.

Here’s the next 100 word instalment of my short story, The Package.  If you missed earlier episodes, click on the links to catch up.

The words that had to be included were: crucify, hare and conserve.

Part 1.
Part 2.
Part 3.

This experiment is inspired by Lily Childs’ and her Friday Prediction.

Hope you enjoy…..

The Package, Part 4.

Driving to the train station I had time to think.
I knew who’d been behind the earlier ambush.  Frankie Jones was a bad man.  I’d seen him crucify a man once.  Literally, the whole shebang: nails through the hands and feet, even a crown of thorns.  He was a nasty bloke.
Nearing the station the traffic got heavier.  My call must have worked.  I swung my Audi into the Hare and Hounds car park.
I checked my gun again, a habit I had even though I knew it was loaded.

“Conserve the package. She’s worth more than the gem stones.”

…to be continued.

Feedback is appreciated.




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8 responses to “A Short Story – The Package, Part 4.

  1. Just caught up with this story David.. Impessive use of the words and a cool story..xx

  2. Thanks, Rosalind. It's a hard task but I will endeavour to get to a conclusion. My plan is to then fill it out and do something more with it.

  3. Very exciting! But what will you do if next week's words are something like: puppies, lollipops and tulips?

  4. Your best writing yet. You've found your genre.

  5. Just read all four. Good stuff Dave. Each part leaves its own little hook.

  6. Madam Z – Thanks!! If those are the words next week, there'll be a blood bath with puppy parts, flowers for the pet cemetery and sweets to keep the kids happy. :-)Ron – Thanks, man. I'm enjoying it and also writing "fillers" to go with it. Charlie – Cheers, buddy!! Glad you're liking it.

  7. I'm enjoying so far, Dave.

  8. This is dragging me along, mate. Has an intriguing noir feel to it. Good work.

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