Photo-Finish Friday…New Moon on Monday!

I’m always after capturing a “perfect” photo of the moon.  I have yet to do so but I will continue to try.

So, in the words on 80’s pop band, Duran Duran, the following photo was taken last week and was a…….

New Moon on Monday!

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9 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…New Moon on Monday!

  1. This moon looks warm and cosy – like a gentle night-light keeping watch. Sometimes, they can seem sinister … :-oGreat choice, Mr B!

  2. David, what a wonderful shot of the full moon. Good work.

  3. Great composition and grey scale values. A bit ominious because of the "the moon just broke the tip off that pine tree" illusion. Impeccable dodging in of the moonlight. Everything a photo should be. Cool.

  4. Leah, David, Thomas and AJ – Thanks a lot, guys. I'm striving to get a perfect one! One day. 🙂

  5. Better by a damned sight than any I've ever managed.You take a hell of a picture there, Mr. B.

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