A Short Story, Part 2.

I’m writing this short story over at Lily Childs’ 100 word challenge, Lily’s Friday Prediction.  I posted Part 1 last week.  I’m hoping to carry it on every week, if the words are kind.  Who knows when it will end or where it will go.  I’m just having fun with it.

The words for this challenge were: evacuate, ruby and blade.  Hope you enjoy.

The Package, Part 2.

“Piccadilly station.”
A few taps on the laptop and I found the train times.
“Ok, it’s got to be the 13:55.”
I grabbed the phone and dialled, pressing141 before the number.
“What’re you doing?”
I held up a hand as someone answered. “There’s a bomb on the next Manchester to London!” I said and ended the call.
“What the fuck?”
“Look, with security as it is, they’ll evacuate the train. We can’t let the package get away. It‘s too valuable, and I don’t just mean the ruby.”
I grabbed my snub and blade from the drawer. I was going armed this time.

Comments and feedback are much appreciated, thanks!


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4 responses to “A Short Story, Part 2.

  1. Such excitement! Keep it up, David.

  2. I like it. Part 2 was a nice continuation of part 1. The short, choppy sentences add a nice element of suspense and urgency. Good work Dave and congrats on the part 1 victory.

  3. Sorry I've been a ghost of late, David… But this pulled me in. And yes, I shall hit your in box soon …

  4. Ooo, things are hotting up now. Off to read the next…

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