Let’s Do This Like I Used To…

I’m going to start using this blog a bit more like I used to.  It has done a lot for me over the past few years but the last few months I’ve neglected it due to various reasons.

I had a story published on the last day of 2011 over at Near To The Knuckle.

I Saw What I Saw is a story about taking a shortcut.  It’s a little bit eerie, a little bit creepy and a little bit weird.

I hope you enjoy.

You can read it here.




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4 responses to “Let’s Do This Like I Used To…

  1. So *that's* what happens when blokes drink too much and are kicked out of the pub. ;)Thumbs up to the story, and I totally dig that shot.

  2. Thanks, Randal. Can't take credit for the photo BUT I probably have a similar one knocking about somewhere. Hope you and yours are well, my friend.

  3. Welcome back. I miss you when you're not around.

  4. Thanks, Ron. I'll be around a lot more this year.

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