Yes, I am Shameless!!!

It’s not very often that I do this and certainly not 2 days on the run, but there have been developments.

A couple of days ago, voting started over at Critters Writers Workshop in their annual Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.

As it stands, I’ve been nominated in three categories.  They are as follows:

Magazine/e-zine Editor category…..twice.  Vote Here.

The Flash Fiction Offensive has been nominated in the Fiction e-zine category.  Vote Here.

My story, Best Mates and Lovers, has been nominated in the Short Story (All other genres) Published in 2011 category.  Vote Here.

In other categories, my mate and fellow Manc, Col Bury, has had his story Supper Time nominated in the Short Story-Horror category.  Vote Here.

For all other categories, please go here and vote.  All involved will appreciate your support.


Your continued support over the past 12 months has been fantastic and very much appreciated.



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6 responses to “Yes, I am Shameless!!!

  1. It's not shameless and congrats! Off to vote. 🙂

  2. Big thanks, Laura. I'm really not keen on blowing my own trumpet, but on this occasion I thought, "What the hell, go for it!":-)

  3. Richly deserved, mate. Thanks for the namecheck.

  4. No apologies needed – you go for it! It was lovely to be on level pegging with you as e-zine ed. ;)Good luck all the way – you work so hard you deserve the acclaim!x

  5. Col – Thanks, mate. No probs!Lily – Thank you. Appreciate it. It's hard work and we're all winners for keeping fine magazines afloat. Congrats to you on your nomination. xx

  6. If you think thats shameless yuo should see what I've been doing in an effort to drum up votes. ;-)I've voted for you and Col where appropriate mate.

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