Photo-Finish Friday…A Fine Ale!


I bought a few traditionally brewed ales in Pitlochry yesterday and this one was a must buy!  Great name but also a great drink.

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6 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…A Fine Ale!

  1. Indeed it is! (and even better on draught! ;-p) …..which reminds me, I'm overdue a trip to a beer festival!

  2. I would so drink that. Great pic.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Leah – I'm sure you could get it over there from an online supplier.

  4. Would hit the spot on this summery day we're having here in the socal desert. Happy New Year, bro.

  5. Thanks, Ron. We're freezing our butts off here. Ha!! Happy New Year to you, too!

  6. One of my favorite things to do when I'm traveling around is try the beers I can't get at home. Would love a chance to try this one!

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