It’s Been A While…Photo-Finish Friday, And Then Some!

I’ve neglected my blog for a while but things are about to change.  A pain in the arse of a job is about to finish so things will be better.


This time last year I was racing down to Manchester, thinking it would be the last time I was going to see my father.  What a perfect early Christmas present it’s been this week to have my parents up for a few days.  They are both 72 and finishing work in a couple of weeks so they will be able to get up to see us a bit more often.

Stood at the viewing area of The Queens View (North of Pitlochry).  Love you, guys!!
(Yes, I’m sporting a “poor” goatee at the moment.  Unsure about it!)
Last weekend we spent some time putting the Christmas dec’s up.  Lisa decorated the tree and I was in charge of (in the words of the fantastic Clarke W. Griswold) “exterior illumination!”
We had a snowfall last Sunday too, so roads were a bit dodgy on Monday. (Where were the gritters???)  It did look spectacular, though.
And my youngest midget and I managed to build a little snowman!
Saturday, December 10th, is the Christmas Fair in the village where our girls go to school.  Lisa put our names on the PTA list a few months back, to help with fund raising, etc.  She has a little stall doing Christmassy “glitter” tattoos for the kids.  Well done, wife!  Guess who she suggested would be Santa?  Cheers!!!
This is how I want to go…..
This is how I have to go…..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And…..a joke to finish.
I asked my wife, “Do you think your mother would prefer Riverdance or something a bit more Fred Astaire-ish?”  
She replied, “I think she’d prefer it if you stayed off her grave, you twisted bastard!”
Later, peeps!


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14 responses to “It’s Been A While…Photo-Finish Friday, And Then Some!

  1. Those are wonderful pics. I'm glad your parents got up to see you.

  2. Thanks, Leah. It was great to see them. I'll be posting a lot more often from now.

  3. David Barber you are a dreadful man. Piss me sides funny . . . but dreadful. Thanks for the laughs and your parents look great!

  4. Thanks, AJ. My dad was really bad last year after a massive stroke. He's made a huge recovery.

  5. After last year's scare, it's great to see your lovely parents made it up to see you, mate.Love the pics, and the joke!Lookin' forward to seeing you all next weekend. Should be fun! :-)Best,Col

  6. Cheers, Col. Really looking forward to next weekend. See you then, buddy!Love to the family!

  7. Love the photos!It has not yet snowed here in Vienna, but hopefully on Christmas. Had to squint in order to see the goatee though.Love the joke.

  8. nice shot of the snowy road. We had one snowfall, early, and it all melted. Mid-south USA has had more snow than what we have had in the north. Fine with me. Our turn will come. have a good weekend.

  9. Cecilia – Thanks for looking. That's how bad my goatee is! Haha!!Jim – Thanks buddy. It's pretty much all gone now. We are forecast more over the weekend. Hope you are well, my friend!

  10. Your "goatee" grew a lot, between the photo with your parents and the Santa shot.

  11. Hey Brother, lovely pics! So glad they got to coem up to see you all.Sooo jealous of your snow, Fletcher and Ellie love the snowman. Give the girls a big kiss from us, miss you all! Hope to get up in the New Year!Love to you all!Clairexxx

  12. Gorgeous photo of the snowfall, and a really nice one of your folks. Good Santa is ok, but I prefer scary Santa. Fits with my theme this year.

  13. Something happened on Wednesday, could you refresh my memory as to what that was?

  14. Madam Z – Ha! Thanks for stopping by.Claire – Thanks, sis! Look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.Laurita – Than you. There was now way I was getting away with "Scary Santa"…..I did try!Randal – I don't know what you are talking about!!! 😉

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