Poetry Corner with Imogen Barber…

The following was written and typed up by my 7 year old daughter, Imogen, although she has reassured my that it’s still a work in progress.  Well, “It’s not finished yet, Daddy,” were her words.

* * * * *

Autumn Poem by Imogen May Barber.

Beautiful leaves are falling.
Falling on teds head.
Teddy likes to run around so the leaves
can spread. Autumn leaves are falling
teddy dreams of snow until then were
running through the leaves we go

Autumn leaves are different colours like brown,yellow and orange. I like to run through the leaves and make a big big mess.
The days get shorter and the nights get longer. I am lying in my bed dreaming of fun things for me and Ted.

* * * * *

I’m sure you will forgive a 7 year old for any grammatical errors, we make enough of them ourselves!  Ha!

I’ve not changed anything on the above.  It is shown how it was written.  She told me that she’s not happy with some of the second part but I told her never to delete anything, sentences can always be cut out and pasted back in somewhere else.

She thought I was silly!

Thanks, babe!

Let her know what you think.

Have a great Sunday.




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27 responses to “Poetry Corner with Imogen Barber…

  1. I love it, beautiful, but not as much as I love you!!Now learn to spell! Hahahaha!Love ya,Daddy!

  2. Chip off the old block eh Imogen ?It's beautiful sweety and shows great promise. Listen to daddy though because he does know what he is talking about..xx

  3. I think it's a beautiful, heart-felt and natural poem written by a very clever little girl.Well done Imogen!x

  4. Well done imogen what a lovely poem. I can just imagine you & ted running through the leaves especially on a day like this. Jack says "wow that was really good" x

  5. WOW Imogen what a beautiful poem. Well done I can almost see the leaves falling down. A great poem.

  6. Dear Imogen,What a wonderful poem! You have the talent to be even better than your silly old, dad! :-)Joe and Olivia love it, and are really looking forward to seeing you all in December.Love, The Burysxxxx

  7. Well Imogen you obviously have talent when it comes to writing! Keep up the good work and some day you'll be a famous author selling books all over the world. And I can say "I read a poem of hers when she was only seven years old and it was brilliant."

  8. Imogen,The rhythm in the first stanza is perfect. And in the second one, I really like the big, big mess line.

  9. Imogen, thank you for sharing this lovely poem with us. I could see the leaves falling and smell the autumn air. Someday you will look abck at your first poems and be proud. Jeanette Cheezum

  10. What a fantastiv poem, really describes Autumn well. Well Done imogen, keep up the excellent poetry

  11. Ps. Great photo!!! 🙂

  12. Well done, Imogen. Good imagery and I was right there running in the leaves with Teddy.

  13. Imogen, This is such a delight. It brings back so many wonderful memories–playing in the leaves, the sights, the sounds, the smells of autumn. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have a gift for painting pictures with your words. I so look forward to reading more of your poems.

  14. Wow, very impressive work you have there, Miss Imogen! Can't believe you are only 7. It reads like the writing of someone much older. It is so good, I am going to read it to my own children tonight. Keep up the good work, you have a real talent with words!

  15. That's a lovely poem Imogen. Keep going like that and you won't need tips from Daddy much longer.

  16. It's beautiful! I love the image of Teddy running around to spread the leaves, and of him dreaming of snow. There is so much to enjoy in this poem. Well done, Imogen. You are quite a poet!

  17. Excellent poem exactly the way it is. Tell your dad to mind his own spelling. Ha.

  18. Imogen – I think you will be giving your Dad a run for his money!This is beautiful – I can hear the crunch of the dry, crackly leaves in every word! Well done, Miss B!

  19. Hello Miss Imogen May ~What a pretty, pretty name!And OH MY, what a pretty, pretty poem. You let what you *feel* speak, and that, lovely little lady is the best o'stuff … truly and everly, the veriest BEST!All those super nice people up there told you all the good particulars they picked out liking your reason for the seasons poem. Well yeah, they're all spot on and I'm chuffed for you if a gal across the pond in a little state near the sea called Connecticut can use my kinda Brit accent your Daddy and his spiffy friends use around me, but know what I'm gonna do to let'ya know how you do the finest thing of all — *INSPIRE*?I'm gonna put on my tennies and go jump in a bright orangey, red, yellowy, brown big ol' leaf pile!~ Absolutely*Kate … who thinks Ted is lucky to have you in his life and proud-to-pop Daddyo should buy you your own laptop! 😉

  20. Thank you for all your comments. I am so happy that I have 20 comments because I have never done this before. It's great to get more comments than my daddy.My daddy said he might let me do this again.Love from Imogen May Barber.

  21. Well of course he will, lovely Imogen May . . . Your Daddy is a smart man, who loves you . . . and VERY swell traffic patterns to his superb site.{Make sure to ask for extra dessert today — You're the family *star*}~ your fan in America,~ Absolutely*Katie

  22. Your poem has painted some very pretty pictures, Imogen. A lot of writers try very hard to get people to see the picture they have in their head. You've done an excellent job doing just that. (And I can't think of anything more fun on a beautiful autumn day.)

  23. Well done on your poemit really is quite fabthe best thing of allis that you've hadmore comments than your dad.

  24. Your poem is really inspirational, Imogen. It has made me recall my very own Teddy from when I was a boy and all the adventures we had. His name was Beary-Beary. You are a gifted writer.

  25. Imogen,Thank you for sharing your writing with us – I find poetry very difficult, and I'm taken back at how good your's is … and you're only seven? The first stanza sets up the scene beautifully, and elegantly written, and the second stanza is more of the story line – a great combo!Keep at it!

  26. Imogen, That was a marvelous poem. Thank you for sharing it with us and I hope we see more of your work in the future.

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