Snapshot Saturday and E-book Stuff.

It was a beautiful morning driving to work yesterday, up here in Perthshire.  There was a resting mist and a chill in the air.  A perfect setting to get the creative juices flowing.

Snapshot Saturday is my late entry into Photo-Finish Friday.

* * * * *

This week saw the launch of Blasted Heath.

This is a new venture founded by award winning author and literary agent, Allan Guthrie, and his business partner, entrepreneur and social media expert, Kyle McRae.

This new venture is primarily dealing in ebooks – the digital revolution that is transforming the world  of book publishing.

In a quote from Allan: “…we are sticking to digital publishing.  We are the first digital-only Scottish publisher.  We are hoping to publish 30 titles next year, which is fairly ambitious.”

In a quote from Kyle: “…with ebooks, you lack the physical product but so what.  If you think of a book, with one click you’ve got it!”

Whether you like it or not – and I was once a skeptic – digital publishing is the way the industry is going.  If it’s run right, and I believe Blasted Heath are the start of something big, then authors are in safe hands.

To launch this venture, Blasted Heath have The Blasted Box Set of 5 novels all on one USB stick.  The novels are by: Anthony Neil Smith, Ray Banks, Brian Pendreich, Gary Carson and Douglas Lindsay.  (Click the link to purchase.  I’ve already ordered mine.)

I wish Allan and Kyle every success with Blasted Heath.

(Quotes from Daily Record – Tuesday, November 1st 2011)

* * * * *

Other ebook News.

My Manchester pal, Col Bury, has an ebook out now.  Manchester Six is a collection of 6 (For those of you who couldn’t work that out from the title) short, snappy and gritty stories based around Manchester.  Click here to buy it.

Hull buddy, Darren Sant, has a new ebook out based of his Tales From The Longcroft Estate.  Rowan’s Folly is the third in the terrific series.  I’m sure you are going to have a blast with Darren’s work.  All his ebooks can be purchased here.

Online mate, Luca Veste, has More Liverpool 5 out this week.  It’s his follow-up to Liverpool 5. Both ebooks are collection of 5 stories based in his home city of Liverpool.  I’ve read a few of the stories in his first outing and they are great reads.  You can buy Luca’s work here.

Fellow writer and online friend, Fiona Johnson (AKA McDroll) launched her first ebook last week.  Kick It is a collection of 5 short stories, 3 of which feature her creation, Gemma Dixon, a young CID officer starting at the bottom of the career ladder.  Great stories indeed.  Click here to buy.

Owner of Out of the Gutter and my gaffer at The Flash Fiction Offensive, Matthew Louis, has brought out the best stories from the first 3 issues of underground magazine, Out of the Gutter.  The Baddest of the Bad is packed full of great stories and is well worth a read.  Click here to buy it.

There’ll be other promotional posts coming soon.

I urge you to buy these collections.  Money well spent.

Have a great weekend.




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10 responses to “Snapshot Saturday and E-book Stuff.

  1. Another gorgeous pic, David. I'd love to see it in person.

  2. I absolutely love, LOVE, those fieldstone fences like that. And the green, green field? Beautiful. Looks like a little huddle of woolies out in the grass too, eh? Awesome shot, Dave, and nice work alerting us to the releases. I ordered a couple issues of Out of the Gutter when I first got interested in crime fiction, and it's pretty crazy how many of the writers in there are people I read frequently now. Good stuff.

  3. "Whether you like it or not – and I was once a skeptic – digital publishing is the way the industry is going"I'm glad to hear it. I've come across a few others who were decrying e-publishing in the past, but have recently turned to that outlet for their own work – sadly few of them have the guts to admit they thought otherwise in the past.Kudos to you, Mr B.

  4. Such beautiful scenery David; you're very lucky.Great publicity for Blasted Heath and the other e-books. I've already bought Col's, had Luca's first 5 on my to-buy list and now there's another one!Whilst it's still a dream to be published by a major Publishing House, e-publishing Magenta Shaman was definitely right for me, and now the next one's due out next week. It's great to have such control.This isn't meant to be shameless publicity but I was commissioned by Writing Magazine (UK) to write a step-by-step article on how to e-publish using Kindle Direct Publishing. It's just come out in the new December issue and is on WH Smith's and other retailers' shelves now, if you're interested.

  5. Grr… re' yet another stunning photo, bud. I might take one of a row of terraced houses!Thanks for the mention, amongst the other great 'shouts'.I'm currently reading Magenta, Luca's and Daz's, but will be sure to check out the rest, make no mistake. BTW, Lily's article in WM is a belter – really informative.Sue,I wasn't sure about e-books initially, but I honestly believe there's room for ALL types of books.Best,Col

  6. Leah – You ever got over here I'd gladly be your tour guide for a day. Thanks!Chris – Thanks, mate. They call them "dry-stone" walls over here, and it's still an art carried out by a few talented people. Yep, that is a huddle sheep and there're are probably a few pheasant knocking about. It's amazing how many writers started writing in the print and e-zines who are now household names. There's hope in that fact.Sue – Thanks for stopping by. I remember our "discussion" on one of your posts. I still love a "real" book and I hope they are around for a long time. Yes, I am big enough to admit it. Things evolve and book publishing is one of them. :-)Lily – Col mentioned that you were in there and would love to get hold of the copy. I used to subscribe to it about 15 years ago. I may look into re-subscribing. I will be emailing you about things. (Short story collection of my own)When the 2nd Magenta is released I will be pimping it big time. xCol – I love winding you up with my photos. Hahaha! (In joke for anyone interested.)You're more than welcome, buddy. I hope to be pimping your novel one day soon. As I hope you may be pimping mine.

  7. Thanks very much for mentioning me Dave. Alongside such talented folk too.

  8. Beautiful photo, David.And nice write-up on Blasted Heath and the new releases. Excellent stuff!

  9. That's a lot of E-reading! The only one i've managed so far has been Manchester 6, which was excellent, but based on your recommendation i'll definitely try the others too!

  10. Great photo. It's making an instant transition to my Mac's wallpaper. Chris was standing by me after a reading a couple weeks ago when a stone mason struck up a conversation with me, and when I asked him if he did dry-stone (going on my memory of it from times in the UK), he said "yes." I think Chris had drifted away by that time and missed it.

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