Snap Shot Saturday and TFFO Guest Writer Spot.

I’ve been busy this week with my real job and family.  Add to that The Flash Fiction Offensive and trying to get stories sorted out, I’ve not had much time for other stuff.

Regarding TFFO, get yourselves over there to read the latest Guest Writer Spot.  The current one goes to Lily Childs’ and her story of revenge.  Read God’s Gift here.

* * * * *

Here’s my “late” addition to Leah J. Utas’s Photo-Finish Friday.  I took this yesterday on my way home from work.  While the rest of the UK basked in temperatures pushing 30 degrees, Scotland struggled to get much sun.  Never mind.

I just loved the way the rays shone through the clouds, like huge torch beams.  I wonder what God was looking for?  Shit, I’ve gone all spiritual!

Have a great weekend, folks.




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9 responses to “Snap Shot Saturday and TFFO Guest Writer Spot.

  1. Lovely picture – and yes, I see what you mean about torch beams.

  2. Dammit man, you have the best scenery around. Awesome shot.I really need to visit (one of) my mother countries and then you can buy me a beer. I'll even toast ManU!

  3. (maybe He's looking for you, Dave! :-o)Spectacular shot, though – sun and clear skies make rubbish sunsets, you need clouds for dramatic pictures. 🙂

  4. That's a magnificent scene, David.

  5. You're right. You expect the waters to part and Charlton Heston to appear dressed as Moses. Nice shot, bud.

  6. Thanks guys. What I forgot to mention was I only had my iPhone with me. Randal – You ever visit Scotland the beers are on me, buddy!!

  7. If it looks that cool in the pic, it must have really been a trip in person. Like Randal mentioned, some mighty inpressive scenery around your way.

  8. What a beautiful capture! Beam me up Scotty!;)Have a great day/evening…I need to come find this area…it's beautiful!

  9. Thanks guys. Appreciate you looking and commenting.

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