The Two Blokes Make A Welcome Return AT Lily’s Place.

Over at Lily Child’s Feardom, a couple of my mates turned up for her 100 word challenge.

The words were: Valley, Mission and Record.

Did I pull it off…..who knows.  I’ll let you decide.

The Two Blokes.

Into the valley…”


“You should wipe properly.”

“The song: it was a record by The Skids.”

“Oh. I heard it on the radio this morning. Been stuck in my head all day.”

“It’ll have been lonely then, eh?”


“Never mind. What’s wrong with old Ted today? He don’t look too happy”

“Dunno. I heard him mumble something about a mission to find a prostitute for gardening.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Barry asked how he was and he said he needed a hoe for his garden.”

“Oh, you daft sod! It’s a garden tool. Two more beers, please.”


As ever, the guys love your comments.




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9 responses to “The Two Blokes Make A Welcome Return AT Lily’s Place.

  1. I love these guys. Hilarious as always, David.

  2. Echo Laurita. I love these guys.

  3. Always like listening to the Blokes, David. You should make this a weekly feature…

  4. Ben

    I would agree with Tom here. Make it a weekly postcard fiction thing. They're fucking great.

  5. Ha ha! You have such a talent for comedy, David! 😉

  6. Thanks, bud. Would love to hear the accent. They need a podcast.

  7. Thanks guys. I have a few things on the boil with The Blokes. Watch this space.

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