Updates and Pimpage.

William Dylan Powell has a great story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive right now.  Take a stroll down White Tail Drive with him here.

Give him a nudge on Twitter @txnoir

All comments and feedback are very much appreciated.


* * * * *

The fantastic author and all round good guy, Matt Hilton, has lost his marbles and is Dancing With Himself over at Nigel Bird’s blog, Sea Minor.

Click here to have a read and get an insight into his writing and his creation, Joe Hunter.

3 links that are well a look.

* * * * *

Great writer, Dan O’Shea, is posting a chapter a day of his latest WIP at his blog Going Ballistic.

Rotten at the Heart is something very different – Elizabethan Noir – that I’m slowly catching up on and I suggest you should too!

He also has an interview over at the excellent Shotgun Honey.  Click here to read.

Give Dan a nudge on Twitter @dboshea

* * * * *

The beautiful Lily Childs’ has her ever regular Friday Prediction up at the moment.  3 words are given and you have 100 words to write a story that includes the given words.  Sounds easy?  Well give it a try and find out.

Also, Lily has an ebook out called Magenta Shamen.  I’ve read it and was very impressed – I think you will be too.  Buy/download it here.

Give her a nudge on Twitter @LilyChilds

* * * * *

The partnership of Chris Rhatigan and Nigel P. Bird has brought out the eagerly awaited Pulp Ink.  24 great stories from 24 top writers.

Chris also started up a blog connected directly to the ebook.  Check out Pulp Ink here.

* * * * *

OK folks, I’m all pimped out now.  I’ll probably let the missus have a night off tonight!

Hope you check out the above links.  You won’t be disappointed, trust me.  And where you can, please leave some comments.  We all like them so dish some out.

Have a great weekend.




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4 responses to “Updates and Pimpage.

  1. Thanks for the mention, David! I hope you enjoy the collection.

  2. Why thank you David! Much appreciated. You've also given me a pile of new and intriguing reads to investigate.Cheers, me dear.x

  3. Thanks David – I truly appreciate the mention.

  4. we can all use a good pimp now and again – thx for the heads up on all my pals and their efforts of late

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