There’s a new story by Michael A. Kechula up at The Flash Fiction Offensive.  Boredom is awaiting your feedback and comments here.

Thanks guys!

* * * * *

Here’s a list of forthcoming stories:

Revenge is a Warm .45 by Darren Sant.  15th August.

425 White Tail Drive by William Dylan Powell.  18th August.

12 Gauge Rage by Ryan Jackson.  21st August.

Breasts and Pickups by Nathaniel Tower.  24th August.

Raid on Soi 5 by Paul Salvette.  27th August.

Please keep an eye out here and the magazine and enjoy the stories.  Above all else though, please show your appreciation to the writers and let them know what you think of their stories.  Comments are always a boost, to all of us.

Thanks for all the support, guys.

Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Updates.

  1. Awesome line up, David. You're kicking it fine, sir.

  2. Thanks a lot, buddy. Appreciate the support. You've been a great help along the way. I owe you beers!

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