Snap-Shot Sunday.

Due to work commitments and family, I’ve neglected my blog for some time and missed my usual input for Leah J Utas’s Photo-Finish Friday

The following photo was taken at the site I’m currently working at.  I really like the ‘macros’ setting on a camera as it allows you to just push the lens right up to what you taking a photo of.  In this case, its a Foxglove (Digitalis).  I was told that it’s actually poisonous but didn’t know until I read Wikipedia’s info and that it can cause serious illness if inhaled!  Thus, it’s earned several more sinister names: Dead Man’s Bells, and Witches’ Gloves.  Amazingly it’s also used in medicine too!

Beautiful and deadly… women!

Hope you like!

“Give us a kiss!”
Thanks for looking.


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7 responses to “Snap-Shot Sunday.

  1. Grew these from seed one year in a very shady garden. Beautiful things, like something out of Beatrix Potter with a bit of Harry Potter.

  2. It is beautiful, but the photo makes it look almost sinister, like that one blossom is turning it's head to snap at you. Great photo.

  3. Great foxglove pic. I take digitalis so I enjoyed seeing it in its original form.

  4. Wonderful to see these photos of beautiful flowers the first thing in the morning. Looking forward to spring! 🙂

  5. beautiful photo, and amazing colours!

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