Music To Inspire.

I’ve thought about this post for a while now.  Music.  I love music.  All kinds of music, from Classical to Pop and Rock to Jazz.  You name it, I’ll listen to it.

But, and this is a huge BUT, play me some “boy band” shite and I’ll scoop your eyes out with a teaspoon and feed them to you!  That’s probably a bit unfair and not your fault, as some (if not most) “boy band” careers centre around the cover versions of great records.  Blame the music companies for that shambles.  It also makes me laugh that they’re actually called boy bands.  The very definition of “band”, when referring to music, takes the piss. 
Band – Music. (

a.  a group of instrumentalists playing music of a specialized type: rock band; calypso band; mariachi band.

b.  a musical group, usually employing brass, percussion, and often woodwind instruments, that plays especially for marching or open-air performances.

99% of them can’t hold a note when singing, let alone play one on an instrument.  And let’s face it: Boyzone, The Backstreet Boys, New Kids On The Block…You’re fucking blokes now!!

Apologies, got a bit off kilter there.  Take a breath!  In…out…in…out.  Funnily enough, that’s what David Beckham has playing on his MP3 player, you know!

Right, my point to this post is music in stories/films.  Music that inspires a certain moment, a feeling, an action. I usually have music playing while I type away at my novel or short stories, and it usually consists of random stuff rather than a full album from one artist.  I find a certain piece of music can change a scene from one thing to another.  It can invoke so much emotion. 

If I could ever have one piece of music for one of my stories, or for a major scene in a novel it would be the following.  For me, it has everything.  Especially about 3:10 into it.  If you don’t “feel” it…..there’s no hope for you at all!

Thoughts on your choices are welcome.




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12 responses to “Music To Inspire.

  1. I'm the same way–music is incredibly important to me. I listen to music whenever I write and often envision sections like scenes from films and soundtracks.

  2. Bocelli's voice is one of the greats. Though I must admit I'm more of a rocker. I enjoy all sorts of music from bluegrass to hiphop to classical and standards, but sometimes i need a certain song on repeat to beat me out of a funk, and it's usually a rock song from my youth.

  3. Music puts me in the mood to write but lately I have found it distracts me from getting thoughts actually written. Given my numerous typos in the best of times I have to have as much silence as my family will allow when I write.

  4. Can't listen to music and write at the same time. Too distracting. I'm super conscious of music in films, restaurants, elevators, passing cars, etc. Watching DEADWOOD recently, really appreciated the intelligent music choices, even the music during the credits at the end. Soundtrack music for fiction – maybe ebooks will let that happen.

  5. What?!? No Nsync? ;)Music is such a great tool for writers. I find it not only helps create the mood for whatever I happen to write, a good piece of music can wreck writer's block like nothing else.Great post, David.

  6. Dude, you aren't fooling me one bit with your 'of course I don't have the complete works of Jedward on my iPod.'

  7. Good post. I listen to jazz (non-vocal) turned down low. Miles, Charlie Mingus, Art Blakey, Coltrane- this is my soul juice for laying words down.

  8. ry this out…. one of my fav bands in college

  9. Thanks peeps. We'll keep on writing, whatever inspires us. Take it easy, my friends!!

  10. Great piece, david… I tend to listen to stuff that pertains to the piece I'm writing and being that most of it is retro, I usually gravitate towards jazz, swing, rockabilly, western, et. al.

  11. I have jazz playing softly in the background as I write. Violent Cash Laramie tales have been written while Trane played on.

  12. I've just listened (again) to Andrea singing Conradiana (Ennio Morricone). It is so beautiful – so full of emotion. Might this be included on a future CD.

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