Snap-Shot Saturday.

I missed Photo-Finish Friday again so here’s another Snap-Shot Saturday.

I’ve been working in a place called Amulree this week.  It’s 12 miles from Crieff and then 12 miles from Aberfeldy.  Apparently the 12 miles is important, as back in the old days of cattle markets it was the furthest distance that cattle traders were allowed to take their beasts in one day.  They would then sell their cattle at Crieff’s market.

Anyway, literally on the doorstep of the house I’m working at is The Church Of Scotland, dating back to the 1740’s.  The Church Bell was cast in 1519.  I’ve posted a picture of the Church before (First photo) but I wasn’t aware that you were allowed inside.  During lunch yesterday I went for a mooch.

 This was taken a while ago.  Different weather!  The setting and the Church itself would look perfect in a horror story or even a western!

 For such a small place, the Church is very well looked after.  The interior was is great shape.
The stained glass windows shows the martyred Saints: Faith, Charity and Hope.
Not to be morbid, but if I’m going to be buried this would be a perfect spot!
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed and I’ve given you a little history on a beautiful little place!
Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Check out her blog here.


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13 responses to “Snap-Shot Saturday.

  1. David, those are wonderful. The first pic looks so lonely and windswept. I can feel the cool air blowing through me.

  2. Excellent! And yes, the first shot looks suitably chilly, doesn't it?

  3. That window is gorgeous. And I agree, it would be a pretty good spot for the long sleep (not to be morbid ;).

  4. Great photos. Given all the Scots and English who emigrated to America, those look-alike churches were maybe a taste of home. And those desolate treeless hills had their counterpart in the West, too.

  5. Leah – Thank you! Cool is quite warm for that area in the winter. :-)Chris – Thanks, buddy! Chilly indeed. Probably about -20 in the winter!Laurita – Thanks. The long sleep would be good in that spot.Ron – Thanks, mate. The Church actually has a lot of connections to Canada.

  6. What a beauty! Nothing dazzles me more than a small, old, well-kept church. Such treasures they are. Lucky you to be able to take it all in.. and thanks for sharing.

  7. Tag

    Thank you David for showing us yanks a bit of your home. This church is a beautiful and serene looking place of worship.

  8. Crackin' shots these, Dave. No lack of inspiration up there for you, bud! I'm thoroughly envious, of course.

  9. That first photo evokes so much. Desolation. The crooked tombstones all close together. Great shot.

  10. Excellent post…and what a place! Except, I will tell you something remarkable.I recently went to a hill station by the name of Shimla in North India. I managed to get a peek into a garrison church which was constructed during the British Raj, and its unbelievably alike to this place. Ofcourse, the outside scenery is different, and most churches are supposed to follow a similar plan, yada yada…but running across the same thing on a blog is what I had not expected. Hope to put up the pictures soon.Great blog btw! :)Scribblers Inc.P.S.- The flash fiction thing looks extremely interesting. Can you hook me up to it please? Drop me a word at…would love to be a part of it! 🙂

  11. Great shots, David. That's one thing I loved about visiting cemeteries for family tree research in Scotland. They are well-kept wee places. Thanks for sharing those.

  12. Thanks guys! Appreciate you looking.

  13. I need to say that there are more than 6 billion people in the world and almost all of them have their own taste of art, food, and anything else including pictures, so we can say that almost every person on the face of the earth has their own understanding of the term „beautiful pictures”.

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