Photo-Finish Friday…..Are You Looking At Me?

This was a mighty proud bird and just sat there staring me out.
PFF is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Please take a bit of time and check out her blog.
Have a great weekend!


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11 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Are You Looking At Me?

  1. Oh, that is spectacular. Great colours on this bird, and the expression cannot be beat.

  2. Oh, all puffed up. Relax, no one wants your girl…

  3. Sat there staring you out? Are you sure it wasn't stuffed?

  4. Leah – Thank you. Tommy – thanks, dude. He started rearing up as I got too close and he was a big lad!Steven – Thanks, mate. He was real alright, which he proved by emptying his bowels in a big splash!!

  5. That dude is giving you the serious jimmy eye. Funny-as-hell!

  6. I think he's saying, does this outfit make me look fat?

  7. You can't be blocking someone's bird watching, bloody 'ell.

  8. Who won the staring contest? Great photo. Love your Friday posts.

  9. Mike – Cheers, dude!Ron – Thanks. He'd make a good Sunday roast! Ha!Randal – Hahaha!!Laurita – Thank you! Him, he just never gave up. Thanks and I hope you keep stopping by.Reb – He certainly was! Thanks for stopping by.Thanks all. I've said "HE" on all the comments but there is a chance it could have been a she. The only thing that put doubt to the latter was that he kept his mouth shut while I took his photo. LOL!!

  10. Is that a peacock? I see one every week at the zoo in my town (yes, I go that often) and am I the only one who thinks those damn birds are just way too big and creepy. They roam the zoo like they're squirrels..

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