You’d Be Surprised…

…What could survive a horrific building fire.  A week ago a fire ravaged a ladies fashion shop and the above flat in the local High Street.  Nobody was hurt, thank God, but the building was left in such a state that it had to be pulled down.  A lot of local history died with its demise. 

What I found quite fascinating by the whole thing is what actually survived.  One report said that somebody who lived across the road from the building actually burnt his hand on his living room window, the heat was that intense.  So, I present to you this photograph.  Middle right, a bookcase full of books is still there now, unscathed!

Just thought it was worth sharing.  Books will be around forever!!


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12 responses to “You’d Be Surprised…

  1. Tag

    Amazing, Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Brings to mind photos of the Blitz. You can study that pic for a long time and wonder at the lives lived in those upper rooms with that built-in bookcase and the fireplaces in the wall… Question, what according to the Book of the Road is the exact meaning of that arrow in the blue circle? Don't have that one here.

  3. Tag – Thanks. It's pretty incredible that they survived! My neighbour is a part-time fireman and attended. The heat was unbearable, he said!Ron – Yup, there's a lot oh history in that building, Ron. The blue arrow is simply telling drivers which way to drive. I think it's more for the night time when the fencing won't be as obvious. I hope so anyway, otherwise it's a bit obvious which way you need to drive! LOL!

  4. That is a fascinating photo and a perfect reason why all bookcases need to be built in.I love the charm of your neighbourhood – like you live on Coronation Street. Well, a Coronation Street with terrible fires.

  5. Dave, maybe it's pointing to the edge of the roadway. Here the arrow would indicate traffic flow and point directly to the right or left. The coloring would be black on yellow. How's that for an instant theory?

  6. Ron, that's probably a better explanation than the official one is! Ha!

  7. I hope you're not planning on looting the bookshelf.Gosh that is a tragedy of NOTE!

  8. Take that, Kindle bastards!

  9. I wonder what condition those books are in? It sure would make a great conversation piece to have one of those on your shelf. Good thing no one was hurt. The damage is brutal.

  10. Reb

    Wow! Lovely fireplaces and the mirror looks like it will still be usable. I would think the books are a bit waterlogged from the fire hoses though. Glad no one was hurt.

  11. Thanks for looking and commenting guys. Appreciate it.

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