Snap-Shot Saturday…..New Life.

New Life – Blackbirds.

I missed Leah J. Utas’s PFF yesterday, so here are my photos for it.  I found the nest in a bush at the back of our garden whilst pruning said bush.  There is exactly 7 days between the two photos.

Before anyone says anything, the photos were taken with my phone (They’re slightly grainy) so NO, I didn’t thrust a huge camera into their environment.

Hope you like.  I’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Thanks for looking.  PFF is the creation of Leah J. Utas.



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8 responses to “Snap-Shot Saturday…..New Life.

  1. Diddy,lovely, gorgeousness. How precious life is.

  2. Nice pics, David. Hey, I didn't say a word about sticking a camera lens into their wee faces (I doubt they would even have noticed).

  3. Those shots are gorgeous! Beautifully done, David. Your phone takes pretty good photos.

  4. Excellent pics, David. That's a fine phone camera you've got.I'm looking forward to more.

  5. You better not be planning any pie baking!

  6. Lily – Precious indeed. Thanks!Alan – Thanks, mate.Laurita – Thank you. It's an iPhone 4 so it does have a pretty good camers. Leah – Thanks. When they get a bit bigger I'll take a couple with my main camera, see if I can get a bit closer and clearer.Randal – I already have twenty so these are the remaining four. Thanks, buddy.

  7. Clearly that nest has gone to the birds.

  8. Very nice photos. little robins in training.

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