Monday Morning Fun.

The following piece was inspired by Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction.

I’m sure we’ve all had similar conversations at some point in our lives.  I hope you enjoy…

Boys Will Be Boys.

“Your grandmother is that wrinkly they had to make your granddad an A-Z so he could find her titties!”

“Whoa! Don’t speak ill of the dead. Anyway, she used to party with your dad while your mum was out getting laid by the milkman.”

“Ha! At least my dad kept it safe and used a rubber. Your mum let half the football team do her bareback.”

“Well, your mum says she’s only had two men in her life. Yeah, the army and the navy!”

“Ha ha!”

“BOYS! Any more noise from you two and you’ll be staying behind in detention!”

“Sorry, miss!” 


Have a great day folks!



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6 responses to “Monday Morning Fun.

  1. Goes great with the old saying between two buddies, "How's your wife and my kids."

  2. Bwah!Sorry about Man U, they might want to buy some new midfielders. 🙂

  3. Good one, David, I got a kick out of it.

  4. I wonder if kids still call the Teacher "miss".

  5. I needed this one! Beach Bum's was good, too.

  6. See, I KNEW little boys talked about stuff like this … they all look so darned innocent. Very funny, David!

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