Snapshot Saturday.

I missed PFF yesterday due to the usual, so I thought I’d fire one up today.

This little ballerina-princess made her mum and dad very proud this past week.  On Monday she passed her first ballet exam.  Well done Imogen! 

*Post Addition* I was given false info.  We don’t find out for a few weeks if she passed but in our hearts she’s passed it with flying colours!!

I love you, princess!!
Snapshot Saturday was inspired by Leah J. Utas’s Photo-Finish Friday.  Check her blog out here.



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11 responses to “Snapshot Saturday.

  1. Congratulations, Imogen… you look absolutely lovely and what a beautiful name you have!!! Some day you may come to Canada and perform with the National Balley – look for me because I'lll come to cheer you on!

  2. Heart-bursting moment for proud Daddy! (& Mum!) – Imogen, your Dad is a big softy! And don't you look gorgeous, btw! 🙂

  3. Congratulations Imogen.

  4. Well done! Would like to have been there to see you all.

  5. That is a pretty sweet name, too. She's yours, David? I guess she must be, given how creepy posting headshots of other people's children could be taken. Ha – but regardless, congratulations and good fortune to her.

  6. What a beautiful girl. You have much to be proud of, my friend!

  7. Well done, Imogen! xCol

  8. G

    Congrabulations on a job well done Imogen!

  9. Comment test… hope you don't mind, Dave – been having problems.


  11. Thanks everyone. Appreciate all the comments and have passed them on to a blushing ballerina!Col – Don't mind at all, mate!

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