I’ve been struggling of late with a few things.  If you’re concerned, no I’m not losing the plot but things have been building up in my head and I’ve let them get the better of me.

My writing has been suffering and work is well and truly getting me down, both physically and mentally.  Please note: my family life is solid and is probably the one thing that is keeping me sane at times.

To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day for me.  I know that a lot of this is down to myself and the fact that my time management is shite, but even if it was top notch I still wouldn’t have time to do the things I need and want to do.  I have so many WIP’s that need finishing, my novel is stalling and I’ve missed so many deadlines for sub’s and contests.  I feel like pulling my hair out…..until just a short while ago!

I published a story last night by Len Kuntz called Cousins.  Now, before you accuse me of some kind of backhanded way of getting you to check out TFFO, it has nothing to do with the story.  You can check it out here though.

It’s actually one of the comments that has made me feel a whole lot better.  Simple words that said so much.

Here is the comment, left by a great writer and online friend, Mike Wilkerson…”Len, you’re my kind of writer. Nothing wasted. No overly fancy and un-needed descriptions. You cut straight through the BS and delivered the goods.”

It’s not all the comment but that last sentence. “You cut straight through the BS and delivered the goods.”

I know that Mike’s wife is a therapist, but if words were medicine, these would be worth a fortune.

Thanks Mike!



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18 responses to “Bullshit!

  1. Nothing like a little encouragement to turn down the volume on that propaganda channel from the "Enemy." All will be well. Trust yourself.

  2. I feel you, brother. Right there with you. Life gets in the way sometimes. The thing I try to remember is that everything is transient. That means the bad shit too.

  3. Take it easy, mate. All is well and good.

  4. You'll snap out of it, (bull)shit happens in life, and you just have to ride that wave the best you can. I've mentioned before how much self-imposed pressure we put ourselves through, but wouldn't life be boring without it? It is always tougher to write once the nice weather comes, compared to the dark days of winter/fall.Like you said, wife/kids/family all good..that is most important. There will be plenty of contests/stories/challenges to tackle. You are doing a great job at FFO, and I'm sure that adds to your agony at times. If you ever want to vent via an expletive, world hating email, you know how to reach me!

  5. Mike, Here is one I always liked.Time…"Tobacco, coffee, alcohol, hashish, prussic acid, strychnine, are weak dilutions; the surest poison is time." – Ralph Waldo EmersonWhat we do with it and what we do without it is always a bitch of a thing. Makes you want to slap your grandmother sometimes. Hang in, hang tough, ride it out. Easy to say I know. I battle just what your talking about all the time. Seems like you (all of us) always have to decide what to shorthchange. All we can do is prioritize and you know how to make those decisions. Why you will ultimately win? You're a good man and your head is on straight. – Jim Wilsky

  6. Damnit Dave! Just when I was having a rough day and ready to suck down a bottle of Buck Bourbon and watch Mad Men, you come in and make me feel better. Where do you get off?Seriously, though. You know I get you, man; we're swimming in the same ocean of sharks. Best I can say, is make time for yourself. Clear that swarm of gnats in your head and take care of your body. You're too good of a person and writer to blow a gasket at this stage of the game. And I'll add this: Feels good to make somebody else feel good- really. Or, as Frank Burns on MASH would say, "It's nice to be nice, to the nice."

  7. David, I'm recalling a comment of yours on my own stalled musings last week – and it was your words of encouragement (among others), that reminded me we're not alone in all this, that the bullshit does thin out and you'll hammer through eventually. You're doing a fantastic job with FFO, and the stuff you are putting out is great. Hang in there, hug the kids, sip a little of the foaming ale, and we'll be there to cheer when it shakes out.Cheers.

  8. Oh, I sympathize, empathize, and in every which way wholeheartedly agree. But when you're good, you're good. And from what I've seen? Dammit, you are good so keep on top of the burnout. Take a breather. Crack a cold one. You earned it.

  9. David, without fail, everything of yours that i've read has been top notch. You may be struggling for time but you're definitely not struggling for talent. It'll happen, i have no doubt. Keep slugging away when you get the chance and know that you've got our support no matter how long it takes.

  10. Mate,I've too much to say here… phoning you now…Col

  11. Oh hell, there's an easy solution: pull all your hair out now, then when you're flustered and try to pull your hair out, you'll realize there's no hair *to* pull and you can better spend your time on important things like drinking after ManU's loss to Barcelona. 🙂

  12. David, I know exactly how you feel. And it's crap. But that doesn't stop the rest of us appreciating everything you do whether in the writing world, work, family or friends. It doesn't help to find you any extra time, but at least you know we're thinking of you and support you.Hugs , matey.Lily x

  13. I'd like to thank you all in person, with a beer and a good chinwag but that'll never happen. So, the best I can do is say "THANK YOU" for your friendship, support and motivation. I appreciate it all and if you ever need anything from me you know where I am, as long as it's not time or money. I have neither at the moment. Thanks again…..and watch this space!

  14. My writing has been suffering and work is well and truly getting me down, both physically and mentally.Feel the exact same way, just hoping the upcoming summer is not as crazy and rushed as last year. Plus, Blogger is not letting me comment sometimes and I am just now hearing about other people having the same issue.

  15. You are not alone in the rat race. Hell, I can't even sign into blogger anymore, yet I can still post. WTF?Going over to check out your story. My favorite quote from a friend, that has always stayed with me was, "Transcend the bullshit." Good luck.Erin

  16. I hear you, david. We drive ourselves pretty hard. Finding enough hours in the day can be a challenge. Writing time always suffers. Let the stories ferment in your mind. When the time comes, they'll flow like beer from the tap.

  17. David… I hear where you're coming from, brother. Not enough hours for me either. PS – I dig the new template.

  18. Beach, Erin, Tommy & Anthony – Thanks guys. It gets on top sometimes and I appreciate your support. *cheers*

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