Photo-Finish Friday…..Whisky.

Under lock and key at The Glenturret Distillery (Now owned by The Famous Grouse) just down the road from our house.  It is actually bottle #1, hence the value. 

Here’s the bottle stood next to it, a special edition Highland Park..

The thing is, neither of them can be compared in price to this one!
PFF is the creation of Leah J. Utas.


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16 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Whisky.

  1. That's some crazy pricing.

  2. £25,000!!I'd kill for less!!…go on, someone make me an offer.

  3. David – Isn't it. I'd panic in case I opened it in a boozed up state and remembered the day after. LOL!!Steven – I may have a job for you!! ;-)Gordon – WTF!! That's some crazy beer! 55% proof!!Thanks for stopping by, guys!

  4. Imagine knowing that over my mistake! Holy Shite!

  5. If purchased, would the new owner drink it?

  6. Gillian – Holy shite indeed! Not got over to yours lately. Will correct that over the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow. Makes me feel a little better about the $6 beers I get huffy about from time to time.

  8. Jesus. With that kind of money, you must be able to put coal up your ass on Wednesday, and crap out diamonds on Thursday.And a couple times a year I splurge for Redbreast 12 year old Irish whisky at $40. Splurge, I say!

  9. Gimme a Jameson and I'm happy. when I'm feeling hifalutin', I might drink some MacAllan 18 year old.Got some Laphroaig "The frog" I call it… and Dahlwinny, which makes me whinny like a horse when I drink enough of it…

  10. I wanna bottle of Gordon's beer…. is it cheaper without the squirrel?

  11. How close is Famous Grouse to owning every distillery there?

  12. Reb

    I'll bet it still tastes like scotch though. Never acquired a taste for it myself.

  13. Chris – They had a bottle a few years ago that was the "earth". A very old whisky in it and was priced at £95,000. Crazy prices!Mike – I've just eaten a piece of coal. A diamond would come in handy!! :-)Tommy – Ha!! Jameson's is a good tipple but I do prefer a drop of 12 year old Glenturret. £30 a bottle.Jim – Would you put that bottle top in your mouth? It's got ta have been shoved in arsehole first! Ha!!!Ron – Hopefully nowhere near! They're just too commercialised BUT it's a major attraction for tourists. I have a lifetime "free tour" membership.Reb – I think you'd like a nice, smooth single malt Glenturret. Thanks!Thanks guys.

  14. now I am wondering where my named limited edition Glenfiddich miniature bottle is. They were only presented to suppliers at the re-launch brand party some time in the early 90's. I knew where it was in my old house but can't remember seeing it since the move!

  15. $25k for a bottle of whiskey? Better cook breakfast, make steak for dinner, go to work in my place, give me a hummer, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, find some hair for my head and taste good.

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