A Sunday Flash…Some Light Reading

At work the other day, I suddenly became obsessed with the number eight.  It was getting close to lunch so I gave myself a task of laying eight more floor tiles before lunch and that was it, the following little piece was born.


I’d first questioned it when I was eight. 

I was fascinated with the giblets inside chickens. 

Were all animal’s innards in a plastic bag? 

My first investigation was next doors cat, Fluffy. 

I sliced him open with my father’s knife. 

Seven more animals followed Fluffy’s unfortunate surgical procedure. 

At twenty six I started opening up people. 

I’m not crazy: I’m looking for plastic bags!


* * * * * * * * * *

Don’t forget to check over at The Flash Fiction Offensive.  There’s a good old revenge story up there by Michael A. Kechula. 

To read it click here.
* * * * * * * * * *
Have a great Sunday, folks.  All comments are appreciated, so don’t be afraid to leave one.  Thanks!


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21 responses to “A Sunday Flash…Some Light Reading

  1. But it all adds up to THE NUMBER 23, Dave.

  2. Clever – 8×8! :-)(I've been obsessed with the number '3' lately, myself…..!)

  3. Thanks, Sue. Strange when numbers get stuck in your head, eh? I take it you noticed there were 8 animals and his age added up to 8 as well? Have a great day!

  4. 'I take it you noticed there were 8 animals and his age added up to 8 as well?'😮 – now that's just being too clever!;-p

  5. Sick and twisted, David. I like it.I know I'm obsessed about something, I'm just not quite sure what that is yet.

  6. What an odd obsession…the number 8. Isn't that similar to the 'infinity' symbol? That story gives us cause for concern, my friend!

  7. You twisted bastard. 😛

  8. Sue – Clever? I'll take that one.Erin – Thank you. Maybe you're obsessed with being obsessed about something!!Alan – No reason to be concerned. I actually stopped at Fluffy. The rest of the story is made up!Chris – Why…thank you, sir! 😉

  9. boy… sure glad I didn't play with you when you were a kid!!! (but I liked it.. nice framing)

  10. If the poem were entitled "Nine," I'm guessing, in the last line he finally takes a look inside himself…Or maybe that's "Eight and a Half." Ha.

  11. Aah, I remember it well, Dave… when we used to play ont park, mate… dint it start by throwing stones at birds?… but I did hear you got a bit carried away… remember when you did that elephant?… it took you ages dinnit? 🙂

  12. Now that is a bizarre idea, and a concept that could be expanded into a great horror story – people giblets.

  13. Ron – That's got me thinking of adding to this little piece. It could be a regular write telling you how he get along. Thanks!Col – How dare you talk about one of my earlier girlfriends like that. LOL!!!! Col – You should have written…"Great eight, mate!" Then I could have said it out loud in the style of Smasshy 'n' Nicey!Laurita – Thanks! Bizarre is good sometimes. I may expand on it.

  14. My wife's a therapist…she'd have some fun pokin' around in that noggin of yours DB!Fun story.

  15. Mike – We're hoping to be heading to Florida within the next couple of years. I'll book an appointment before we come. Just hide all your pets!! Thanks, mate!

  16. He should check senior citizens. A couple of false bladders later and he'll be in bliss.

  17. I like the fact you also used the letters G, H, M, P and U eight times each as well.I broke your code! Gumph – A foolish person or a collection of explanatory literature…either way it works :DAlternatively it's this (be warned – ewww factor ahead) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gumph

  18. John – Ha!! Thanks for stopping by.Steven – You're sharper than me, mate! I knew I'd heard that word before though! Haha!

  19. If you were in prison, the Aryan Brotherhood would come calling. -88-

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