Photo-Finish Friday

Now Blogger has decided to get itself back on track, here my PFF for this week.
Graveyards just seem to have a certain magnetism, don’t they?  This was taken a couple of weeks ago within the grounds of Scone (pronounced scoon) Palace.  I was intrigued by the skull and cross bones.  Google seems to bring up all kinds of reasons so I won’t even try to elaborate.  It was just pretty cool!
BTW, the oldest gravestone in the yard was 1720.  Couldn’t make much out of what else was on the headstone.  Take a bit of time checking the above link.  There’s a lot of history surrounding the Palace and its surroundings.
PFF is the brainchild of Leah J. Utas.


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7 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday

  1. Wonderful pic, David. I am so intrigued by the skull and crossbones.

  2. Gotta love the style of that bloke!

  3. Yup – I have been known to hang about in churchyards peering at gravestones – taking pictures and trying to work out what's inscribed there – looking for any little clue ….. Sad, I know, but I am a genealogist – and those stones 'speak', I tell you! 😉

  4. The old, old stones in your churchyards are like something out of Edgar Alan Poe…I like the looks of the maze; now I'm wondering if anyone's ever found the skull and bones of someone who couldn't find their way out…BTW, how do you pronounce "scone", the kind you eat?

  5. A really like that — very cool.

  6. So that's where you keep your stash. No one would ever think to look there!

  7. Leah – Thank you. So was I. There were a few with the same on them. If I ever find out the real truth I'll blog it.David – Thanks. Indeed!Sue – Thanks. We used to know a few girls who hung around graveyards when we were younger. All the boys liked them! LOL!!Ron – Most graveyards up here look pretty similar to the above and are really inspiring. You get the right angle of light/shadow and they are perfect for horror/ghost stories. BTW – Scone-food. If you're posh (or think you are) it's pronounced similar to "throne-hone-scone". If your not (like myself) it's ponounced like "gone-none-scone". Hope this helps! :-)Chris – Thanks, buddy. They have a magnetism!Randal – HA! Unfortunately, that tomb isn't big enough! Thankd, buddy!

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