An Interview…..With Me??

My mate and fellow editor, David Cranmer, threw a few questions at me recently and I tossed them back with some answers attached.  I guess that relates to being interviewed.  Holy crap, I’ve not been interrogated, err interviewed since I got caught wearing a skirt that ti…..I’ve said too much already!

Thanks to David for putting up with me for taking so long to get answers back to him.  There’s not enough hours in a day sometimes.

If you can be bothered it’s been published on Gutter Books news and events blog and you can check it out here!




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7 responses to “An Interview…..With Me??

  1. enquiringly minds want to know!!

  2. Didn't we start this 7 Questions about three years ago? Ha. Just kidding.Thanks again, David.

  3. Michael – Thanks, mate.David – Ha!! That was my response to Charles' comment! Another 20 hours in a day would suit me fine. Thanks for the opportunity, buddy!!

  4. Nice one! I commented over there, David.

  5. Great interview, David!

  6. When i saw the title i thought you'd interviewed yourself! Great interview mate.Oh, and TAG. Sue got me and now i'm getting you. Check out my blog or hers for the questions you're supposed to answer…

  7. Thanks a lot guys. It means a lot that you show your support, encouragement and appreciation. I'm humbled!

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