Pretty Chuffed.

Just received an email from my buddy, Paul Brazill, that has pretty much made my day, not just for me but the ezine and, more importantly, the author.

Mutant Powers, a story by Lauren Lavin, has been picked by Fiction Daily as “one to read”.  Its not an award as such, but it’s a recognition that the author should be proud of and one I’m proud of for the ezine.

Big congratulations to Lauren for a great story!

Read the story here.  And while you’re there check out the Archives.  There are plenty of great stories to be read. 

I’m pretty new to this, but hey, I may just be doing something right after all.




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11 responses to “Pretty Chuffed.

  1. I will be chuffed with you.

  2. Of course it's one to read! Its tops! Nice going David, always have to see what's playing over at FFO, well done met a fine job of curation, no wonder you attract the best!

  3. Hey, wonderful news! And you're perfect. Love FFO… it rocks! =)

  4. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the support!

  5. I'm chuffed with you, too.

  6. Gratz David. The site has been turning out some great stories under your guidance!

  7. Leah – Thank you!Chris – And yours was one of them, mate! Thanks.

  8. FFO is kicking ass under your leadership. And that is one lean, mean story.

  9. Congrats to both Lauren and yourself. Keep up the great job you are doingover at FFO!

  10. Chris – Thanks a lot, mate. Support is appreciated and encouraging.Sean – Thank you, my friend. I really appreciate it.Thanks to all of you. I genuinely appreciate all your support.

  11. That's so cool. And good reason to be proud! I also love that Paul emailed you out of the blue to let you know. He's so on top of everything like that. And he never hesitates to let people know when their names pop up.

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