Photo-Finish Friday…Birth.

I took the following photo at a wildlife park not for from where we live.  They have a hatchery and you can watch the chicks peck their way out of their shells, if you’re lucky enough to be there when it happens that is.

Well, our friends were here and we were lucky enough to have taken them and their kids to the park.  The thing is, it was my mate and me (both six footers) stood watching this take place.  It was a funny spectacle, not the hatching…..the two six feet plus blokes surrounded by kids watching a chick break out of its shell!

I thought the photo was rather poignant, it being Easter weekend.

PFF is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Check out her blog here.

Have a great weekend, folks!



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10 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…Birth.

  1. You big softy, David ;-)But a very apt picture all the same – the miracle of new life!

  2. What a wonderful photo, David. Well done, and so appropriate for the time of year.

  3. Very sweet, both the photo and the image of you watching it happen.

  4. I thought eggs at Easter were supposed to be hard-boiled?

  5. Reb

    What a great capture. I like the thought of two big blokes watching with all the kiddies 🙂

  6. Is that an octopus underneath the egg? Or a strange carpet design?

  7. I'm sure everyone assumed you two were there to chow down. A bloke's gotta eat!

  8. That's a great picture!

  9. Poignant, indeed… What a great catch, david!

  10. Thanks guys. I won't tell you how long we actually stood there. It's time I will never get back! HA!!

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