Photo-Finish Friday And A Story…

I do miss her…
No…no, officer.  Not that way.  The photo was just a joke…honest!!!
Seriously, we used to have fantastic house parties, chocked full of family and friends.  Since we moved up to Scotland, they are a thing of the past although when we meet up we have some fun.  My mum is a great woman and at 71 she is still working hard running a Working Men’s Club back in Manchester, as well as looking after my dad who is going from strength to strength after his stroke before Christmas. 
After this photo she swore she was going to kick my a… smack my bottom!!
PFF is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Check her blog here.
* * * * *

Sebastian Flynn has First Shot up at The Flash Fiction Offensive now.  Check it out here, and while you’re there wish him Happy Birthday! 


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14 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday And A Story…

  1. You look quite mad, David! Ha. Great photo. Mrs. Barber, go right ahead and kick his a..

  2. Absolutely wonderful. Your mum must have a great sense of humour.

  3. Reb

    That is a great photo!

  4. David – She has…many times! Thanks, mate.Leah – She has to have, putting up with me, my brother and sister. She is a fine woman! Thank you!Reb – Thank you.

  5. I'm calling the cops! 🙂

  6. Col – Hahahaha!! Tell them to check the patio!

  7. My mother drives me that mental sometimes as well, mate! You're mum's a sport for playing along…it was pretend, right?

  8. Alan – The wounds healed very well so she never pressed charges against me. My dad never forgave me…..her life insurance was worth a few £££!! HA!! My mum's a great woman!!

  9. A thrashing which you no doubt thoroughly deserved! Hey, er, um, what's up with your ManU today, sir?

  10. sgtzero

    Just so you know…first time visiting…this is what I see. LOL! This is my impression of you so from here on out…–Anthony

  11. Randal – The less said the better. It was my daughtrs birthday party today so I'm happy at the moment… will sink in tomorrow!!Anthony – It's all down hill from here! LOL! Welcome to my world. 😉

  12. Haha, brilliant, love it!!! Cheers for the comment. Am looking forward to hopefully getting some writing done after my exams are over in a month or so. Looks like you're going to win the football bet, Chelsea really imploded this year!

  13. Joleen – You're still with us. Great to hear from you. Hope your studying is going well and your still keeping your imagination flowing. I do believe the bet was that the winner chooses the genre of the story the loser writes. Hmmmm!!Thanks and look forward to seeing you about soon!

  14. |Glad you remember the terms as I had forgotten! Hehe. Coolio. Study going ok, just hard to focus on anything but my beautiful daughter. Not much time for writing but I will try after the exams next month!

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