A Sunday Poem.

I thought I’d try another poem on a beautiful Sunday morning.  The sun’s shining and the garden is calling.  Hope you like my second attempt at the poetry game.

Heavenly Home.

It’s a long, long road that we’re all walking
Our lives mapped out before us
And all that we say and touch and do
Is like a never ending chorus

I love you, she’d told me
Followed swiftly by I Do
She’d taken hold of my heart
And our lives began anew

Many years of love had followed
Until that fateful day
You have four months to live
I’d heard the doctor say

Four months of sorrow
Four months of pain
Four months of tears
That fell like rain

Illness doesn’t care who it takes
It has no morals and makes no sense
And it’s partner in crime
Death, he certainly has no conscience

So now, on this long, long road I’m walking
Each step I take alone
But I know that she is waiting for me
At the door of our heavenly home


Be gentle, I’m new to this kind of stuff.  Thoughts and feedback will be more than appreciated.

Have a great day, folks!



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22 responses to “A Sunday Poem.

  1. I thought it was lovely. Sad, but lovely. I enjoy this new Sunday hobby of yours.

  2. Thanks, Laurita. I'm enjoying it too. I was writing a story for a challenge and got sidetracked. It seemed to jump out of nowhere. I like it when things happen like that and there's not too much thinking.

  3. It is very sad, but there is also a great warmth and sense of hope about it too. Well done.

  4. Thank you, Joyce. I'm enjoying writing them at the moment, but they just seem to come when I least expect it.

  5. Nicely constructed – simplicity counts and this story is told in a simple way that also manages to stir empathy and emotion. Loved it, well done you.

  6. ya, what Laurita said…. a Sunday habit could be good. & yupperz poems always seem to jump out at you when you least expect them…..always a good idea to carry a note book. It worked well for me, until i lost the notebooks.keep up the good work.

  7. I'm all for this. Writing poetry opens the doors to rooms in the brain where the view from the windows can take your breath away.

  8. AJ – Thank you. It means a lot.Jim – Thanks, mate. I'll try and keep it up. Thanks for the links you sent me. A great source of education and inspiration. ;-)Ron – Thanks. It certainly can. Like I said earlier, I was writing something else and this just flooded my mind. I'm enjoying it.

  9. David – simply beautiful! A very poignant and emotive poem – a sad subject, but the lone 'walker' treads a step nearer to his goal each day. You have a knack for this poetry lark – you should invest more time in it! 🙂

  10. Sue – Thanks, you're too kind. The going is, if future ones come to me as this one did then I'll have a lot of half finished stories. 😉

  11. Thanks for the comment on FB – am seriously getting used toThis 'retirement' business. 'Frankenstein' was absolutely awesome, btw! 2 hours of uninterrupted acting – was wonderful !

  12. Excellent. Regards to Mr H! 🙂

  13. Cool. Definitely good training to write tight and contemplate every word choice.

  14. Glenn – Thanks, mate. It is good training as I try to write things the way I would want to read them. I'm hoping it will pay off.

  15. Nicely put, David. The words sing sadly but, in a way, gloriously. Good stuff, pal.

  16. Very poignant, David. Joy sadness, and hope wrapped together nicely.

  17. "Four months of tearsThat fell like rain" Lovely'sad'lovelyReading you in poetry'genre David,was like a slow-mo walk in itself;you felt the trail.So scribe 'em as they come,~ Absolutely*Kate

  18. AJHayes – Thanks, mate. I'm enjoying this new venture.Leah – Than you. Appreciate your comments.Kate – Thanks so much. Your comments mean a lot.

  19. Excellent! Really heart-felt

  20. David, Quite touching, once in a while we lose the map for a bit. Well done.

  21. David, I would have thought you had written poetry for years after reading this. You have a talent for this. I will think of this for a while to come. Bittersweet.

  22. Gillian – Thanks for looking. Appreciate it.Mike – Welcome. Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated. Hope to see you back soon.Jeanette – You are way too kind…and I like it. Thank you, I'm enjoying it.Thanks agin to everyone who has commented. You have inspired me to persevere with the poetry. Come back on Sunday!

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