Photo-Finish Friday and News.

This is what makes me smile every day of my life.
They were modelling their early Easter presents sent up from Manchester by their Grandma.  My little angels.
PFF is the brainchild of Leah J. Utas.  Check her blog here.
* * * * *
On the NEWS front.
I have today re-opened submissions for The Flash Fiction Offensive.  The subs guidelines have been changed so please make sure you read them before submitting.
Check them out here.


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14 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday and News.

  1. David, they're wonderful. How can anyone help but smile?

  2. Thanks, Leah. They're 7 and (almost)5, going on teenagers. My wife is a Beauty Therapist and they can apply lipstick perfectly already. 🙂

  3. oh, wowsers…. nice smiley kids….

  4. Reb

    Oh they are cute. My sister and I got dressed alike too, about the same age difference. Except I was just about as big as she was even with the two year difference.

  5. Two daughters? Lipstick nicely applied already? You, my friend, are in for a heckuva time when they are proper teenagers.My dad, who has two daughters, says to tell you that it's an uncommonly wonderful thing to have two girls. (I agree)

  6. Aw. My daughter says they look beautiful, and my lad just smiled cos he's 'cool'!We look forward to seeing you all again this summer, mate.

  7. Very cute, also, I want one of those dresses!

  8. Very cute girls, David. My wife says so as well and that your girls look like little princesses.

  9. ….ah. sweet! (they must take after their mother, then!)Boy are you in for some fun times when they're older – and they'll be breaking some hearts!!Lovely piccie, David!

  10. Cute curtsies. I like their ballet shoes too. ;-)Adorable girls you got there, David.

  11. Your kids make you smile? You English sure are strange. 😉

  12. Cute kids, and I'm glad grandma didn't send you the same present although you'd probably look great posing like the little angels but not in the same outfit, pink is just not your colour :))

  13. Thats what it's all about, all the rest is a bonus!

  14. Thank you, guys. Appreciate your comments.

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