Worthless Money.

This little tale was written for Lily Childs’ Friday Prediction a few weeks ago.  3 words from her devilish dictionary and you have 100 words to write a story.  Sounds easy, then give it a try.  Click here to take a look and get involved.

I’ve missed the last couple of sessions due to work, writing and visitors.  Give it a try, you’ll enjoy!!


I stared at the clock, watching the minutes pass by.

I hate lateness. I could feel the fury growing. My burning heart started to quicken, my skin flushed, tingling up my neck and face before setting my scalp on fire.

Who were these people that they thought they could keep me waiting? Thinking they were on an even keel with me.

“Sorry for the delay, boss, he was a fighter.”

I got to my hoofed feet and ran a hand down my long pointed chin.

“Go now. He’ll pay dearly for making me wait. Hell waits for nobody.”


Later and thanks for looking!



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5 responses to “Worthless Money.

  1. That was evil for sure and the pic was great. Cloven feet have always freaked me out. Well Done!

  2. Abaddon is just yum, David. Tell me, did you enjoy playing the Devil? (And did you look over your shoulder as you wrote it, just in case?)And I have to say it – that pic is HOT!!

  3. Not a guy you want to keep waiting. Excellent short, David.

  4. Loved the transformation half way through, and I could really see the narrator galloping off once the Devil had ordered him to, "Go now." Flashy flash, bud.

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