Photo-Finish Friday – Dustin Hoffman is Jesus!

OK.  Jesus normally turns up on most things doesn’t he?  Your toasted cheese sandwich, fried eggs, birthmarks etc, etc.  Well…..

I was recently on a job and the customer had chosen Brazilian Slate floor tiles.  So, slate tiles need some TLC before they’re laid.  Prior to sealing them, I gave them a wash down and after some drying time…HOLY SHIT!  It’s not Jesus on my tiles but a hunchbacked Dustin Hoffman.

The only thing is, when he started drying out some more, he turned into some kind of Hellish rodent!
The tiles are safely down now and Dustin is nowhere to be seen.  The rodent?  Well, there were some strange scratching sounds in the house!
Photo-Finish Friday is the brainchild of Leah J. Utas.
Have a great weekend, folks!


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14 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday – Dustin Hoffman is Jesus!

  1. Jesus turned into Dustin Hoffman who then turned into a rat…blimey I knew he was a powerful dude and all that but now I'm scared. Maybe Jesus turned into the sandwich I'm about to eat for lunch! I know he turned up in my latest post but he could be anywhere by now!!

  2. HA!! I've got to catch up on your week of Zombieness. Sorry, mate! I'm still trying to get myself into some kind of routine. I'll get there… day!!

  3. David, well done. Love the tiles.

  4. I can't believe this. It is freaky as all hell. To get the first image is one thing, but to have it moroh into a second one is unbelievable. This house is posessed. Nice pics on FB by the way!

  5. I think it is a sign from God that you are not drinking enough beer….. see, then it would have looked like Charlie Sheen.

  6. The rats in the walls? Someone's been reading their HPL.Hey, query: since I hate both your ManU and Chelsea, should I root for the ref?

  7. Reb

    It's wonderful that you were able to capture those photos! Just don't show the customer – you may have to tear them out and re-do them 😉

  8. Ha. Timothy Egan has an essay in his book LASSO THE WIND about the appearance of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the back of a road sign in Sunnyside, Washington, which was drawing crowds. You never know…

  9. The first also looks like a Dustin Hoffman Nunified. This is hilarious.

  10. The hellish rodent was hilarious. I'm sure the owners will be haunted by it for a long time.

  11. Thanks guys. I've got to say that the tiles do look awesome now they are down and Dustin or the rat have disappeared!!Randal – Just pick red or blue and then you'll be covered for the Manchester derby in the FA Cup semi-final! How dare you hate United! 🙂

  12. Be careful, David. Be very, very careful!

  13. GREAT POST and hilarious!!! Love the pics…PS (Sorry I haven't been around much — been in the writing [and movie watching] cave)

  14. David – I'm back in the house this week and today there have been all sorts of noises! It is really pretty spooky!Anthony – Thanks, man. Hey, no worries. We're all busy and can't get round the blogs sometimes. I'm always here, as are you. Take care, mate.

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