Stuff and a Funny…..

OK.  There’s a great story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive at the moment.  10 Drunk People in a House By Benjamin Sobieck is a great piece involving a reality TV show…..with a twist.  Be sure to check it out. 

Also, check back tomorrow night for a new story by Daniel Beaudoin called Alexa and the Japs.  It’s his debut and his first piece of published writing.  Please stop by and show your support here.

* * * * *

Over at Chris Allinotte’s blog there’s a week of Madness going on.  Check it out here.

* * * * *

A Twist Of Noir has an influx of quality stories on offer at the moment.  Chris Grants’ 600-700 challenge is still going strong.  Click here to take a look.

* * * * *

Microw, the sister magazine of Full Of Crow and run by Michael J. Solender and Lynn Alexander has a call for submissions.  Click here for details.

* * * * *

Last but not least.  The talented writer up top, Benjamin Sobieck, sent me a story at FFO not so long ago.  The only thing with it was that it was a factual piece rather than fiction.  I really liked it BUT the FFO is a fiction magazine, hence the name.  Benjamin wasn’t put off or pissed off and decided that there might be a space on the web for factual pieces of crime writing.  From that came Fingerprints, a new online magazine for factual crime stories.  Submissions are now open.  Click here for details.

* * * * *

A Funny…..

Two older women were talking, and discussing the merits of cosmetic surgery.

The first woman said, “I need to be honest with you, I’m getting a boob-job.”

The second woman responded, “Oh, that’s nothing. I’m thinking of having my arsehole bleached!”

“Whoa,” replied the first woman. “I just can’t picture your husband as a blonde!”

It made me laugh!




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5 responses to “Stuff and a Funny…..

  1. nice new look dave..thx for the mention..

  2. A fountain of information, you are David! And a funny joke, too. (Off to google arsehole bleaching)

  3. Thanks for mentioning me and my little rag startup, David!

  4. So, it's NOT okay to bleach your asshole?

  5. ahah aha ha ha … those grannies were hilarious, you should make them a regular feature at your blog, David 😉

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