Photo-Finish Friday…..Roadkill!

Last September I got myself my first piece of roadkill!  It wasn’t your average rabbit or pheasant either.  NO!  It was a SNAKE.  Holy Shit!  Snakes on a Plane, yes!  But snakes in Scotland?  No fucking way! 

Evidence below!

The survivor…..without its tail!
The unlucky one!

Apparently it was a Slow Worm.  I stopped my car and got them both off the road.  One was totalled, but the other I’d taken the end of its tail off.  I picked it up to move it into the bushes and the thing went for me!  Obviously, not knowing what it was I threw it into the bushes pretty sharpish.  Ungrateful shit!

I was later told that they were probably on there way from the damp land near the Loch up into the hills where they would nest and have their kids.  How shitty did I feel!

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9 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..Roadkill!

  1. I love snakes, and that is a particularly plump one! Almost cute. Satanic, but cute. 🙂 And you're a very nice man for attempting to help.

  2. Good pics. Sad about the snake, but good on you for doing what you could.

  3. Handsome little devil…Snakes spook me, but I try to live and let live.

  4. HOLY CRAP! I woulda crapped myself and ran away like a little girl…

  5. You just killed Nessie, Jr. I hope you're happy.

  6. Your FIRST roadkill. Sort of a roadkill virgin, were ya? Not a common thing to happen on the motorways of the UK I take it. Back in Ontario I'd hit birds, cats, a turtle and even a raccoon once. Luckily here in Newfoundland I've managed to avoid the moose (and I'm not talking about the wee ones with whiskers either).

  7. Just be warned, if you ever make it over on this side of the pond and visit Florida the pythons down there are even worse than the rednecks. If you run over one of those things just keep going. David, working on a story right now for Flash Fiction Offensive.

  8. I'm assuming you did not get to the flash challenge. Let me know if it's posted.

  9. Aww. Roadkill is tough. Obviously for the thing on the road, but for the driver too. Lucky for you it was a small varmint, and not a big one.

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