Photo-Finish Friday…..How Far Would You Go For A Meal?

The Seafood Cafe, in Kinlochleven, is an 80 mile drive from our house (around 2 hours) .  A couple of Sundays ago that drive is exactly what we did, and it was worth every mile/minute!  What you see above is their seafood platter, and that was for one person.  Lobster, brown crab, langoustines, razor clams, mussels and clams! 

Fantastic and worth every ££.  We will be going back.

Yes, I know, nothing inspiring or anything to do with writing but I just love great food!

Have a great weekend.




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21 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..How Far Would You Go For A Meal?

  1. Omg that looks amazing-and scary!! :)Pass me a lobster tail, would cha!((Hugs))Laura

  2. OMG that's for one?!Excellent pic.

  3. Laura & Leah – It was huge! My daughter saw it coming out first and her words were…"Oh my, daddy. You're never going to eat all that!" I did of course prove her wrong!Thanks, girls!

  4. Looks like a fine feast. Got me thinking of our anual Father's day cook up in JUne. Picture 20 of those lobsters in a big pot!

  5. I had to show this pic to B. I grew up ten minutes from the ocean, and we both love seafood. He said, "Sign me up. When's the next flight?"My mouth is watering like crazy.

  6. Alan – I remember your post with photos from last year. One Fathers Day I'll join you!Rebecca – It was fantastic! The restaurant is at the side of a sea loch and the food is locally caught. Thanks guys!!

  7. I would definitely travel 80 miles for that plate!

  8. Erin – Now knowing how good the food is I would quite glady walk there.

  9. Just thought you should know that after this post, we looked at each other, got in our car, and went to the local fish market. Got scallops and prawns for dinner. 🙂

  10. Rebecca – And there's me thinking that this photo had no inspiration to writers at all. See, there's a mind-changing plan in everything I do on this blog!!Enjoy!

  11. I think I'll stick with dead cow parts, thanks. You do realize that your current avatar has you looking like the crime boss's lackey who dumps the bodies beneath the ice. 🙂

  12. Breaking bread is the one thing we all have in common…would love to have been there too.

  13. G

    Woah.How were you able to drive home without falling asleep at the wheel? 😀

  14. I don't know how one person could eat all of that. Just a lobster tail would be sufficient for me. Worth every pound? I bet so.

  15. Randal – Cow parts are good too! And…..I am!Ron – Would have loved your company.Anthony – Isn't it!!G – Woah indeed! And no, I really struggled! Ha!Stephen – Yes, pound in weight as well! Pure protein my friend. I had a starter of anchovies, mixed olives and superb crusty bread as well! When you work your arse off, you're allowed to eat like a king! Did I mention that I'm pregnant and eating for 2? Haha!!!

  16. …..there's a place in Maine I'd certainly travel back to for the best seafood I've ever tasted! David, my mouth's watering just looking at this pic! (BTW – I've nominated you for an award –

  17. Sue – You are one of the good guys!! Thanks, and I'm honoured!!I've been on a seafood diet most of my adult life……….I see food and I eat it! It's an old one but aren't they the best ones? Ha!

  18. Now that I don't believe – a slim chap like yourself!!! ;-p

  19. I so understand this. Once I was on layover in Miami and took a taxi 50 miles to a famous deli I had to try – the cabbie waited for me as he didn't want to miss the fare going back..

  20. Oh wow, delicious. I could live on langoustines with garlic mayonnaise, and scallops, and prawns, and shrimps… Drooling now.

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