Photo-Finish Friday…..And A Flash Fiction Challenge!!

What do YOU see from your bathroom window………?

This was taken the other morning from our bathroom window.  The photo doesn’t really do the colours justice.  It was a pretty awesome morning… that makes you happy to be alive!!

For some reason, the cloud formation reminds me of a map of the UK??  Thoughts anyone??

Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Please check her blog out here.

* * * * *

A Flash Fiction Challenge!

My writing buddy, Chris Allinotte, over at The Leaky Pencil has a challenge open to everybody. 

Madness In March is a challenge put down by Chris for stories that will make his toes curl!   He’s after criminal psychosis, madness, cannibal grannies – you get the picture, right!!

Stories can be any length with a MAX WORD COUNT OF 2000!  Deadline for subs is March 4th 2011!

You want in – snap to it and get writing.  All details can be found here.  There’ll be a permanent link on this blog. 

Click the Madness In March image up there!!

* * * * *

Have a great weekend!




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11 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..And A Flash Fiction Challenge!!

  1. I saw the UK in the cloud before I read your comment so you're not crazy! Or we both are, either way.

  2. Awesome picture! Add an ocean, a cooler full of beer and for me it would be heaven. For the Madness In March I'll see what I can cook up.

  3. The view from my bathroom isn't quite as cinematic as that – although we do get some spectacular sunsets viewed from that side of the house!Thanks for he heads-up on Mr A's challenge – I'll put my mind to something twisted and psychotic….just for a change! ;-p

  4. Steve – Phew! I thought I was losing it! Ha! Thanks, mate.Beach – Get that cooler full of beer, find the beach and I'm there with you, buddy! Thanks!Sue – It was from a Velux window in our en-suite bathroom. We get some cracking morning sunrises and it's always a perfect view. I'm sure you could muster something up for Chris's challenge!Have a great weekend guys 'n' gal!!

  5. G

    Kewl pic.Sort of gives you that small slice of peace of mind before you start your day of crap.

  6. G – HA!! It certainly does. It just makes me want to stay at home and write all day! Alas, writing doesn't pay the bills though…..yet!!

  7. Coolio shot, Dave. I don't see the map but I also don't see angels and dragons when my wife does.

  8. What a gorgeous sunrise. It holds such beauty and promise. Had to look twice to see the UK, but it's there.

  9. Thanks much for the plug, David. I'll make sure the event is worth the effort!

  10. David – Thanks, mate. Leah – Thank you. A sunrise is as beautiful as a sunset on a cold and crisp morning.Chris – You're welcome, mate. I'm sure it will be a belter!

  11. You've got the prettiest loo in all the kingdom.

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