Here’s a little crime caper that was inspired by Lily Childs Friday Prediction.  If you don’t know what the Prediction is then click the above link and give it a go!  Also, be sure to check out her blog on a daily basis from the 1st of next month for her “February Femmes Fatales”.  She’s got a fantastic line-up of writers!

Her three words were: thousand, spiral and hair.  Rules: 100 words max.


“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes,” Mike said.

“Okay, masks on and let’s go.”

The aroma of incense filled the shop.


“No, no, no,” the owner shouted.

I leant over the counter, grabbing him by the hair. “MONEY! NOW!”

I glanced at the burning incense stick, the smoke rising to the ceiling in a perfect spiral.

He handed me the cash, mumbling something.


“I said may the wrath of a thousand killer bees descend upon you both.”

“Fuck you, old man.”

I counted the cash as we ran down the street. Not bad!



“What’s that humming noise?”


Hope you liked it.  Comments are more than welcome.

* * * * *

On another note, there’s a fine tale up at The Flash Fiction Offensive today.  Are We Singular Or Plural? by Doug Ordunio.  Please support him by giving it a read and leaving a comment.  Thanks.

* * * * *

A few writing calls.

Anyone up for a spot of fly-fishing?  If so, why not write a story about it with the chance of winning some cash!  Click here!  Thanks to Sandra Seamans for that!

Blood Bound Books have a call (From March 1st) for submissions.  It’s a paying market.  Click here!  Thanks to Antonia Woodville for that!

A new quarterly magazine called The Writer and The White Cat have a call (From 15th February) for submissions.  It looks great.  Click here!  Thanks again to Sandra Seamans.

I’ll tell you what.  Why don’t you pop over to Sandra’a blog.  It’s fantastic and you’ll find loads of link on there to pretty much everything writer related!

* * * * *

Enjoy your Sunday!



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11 responses to “STUFF….

  1. Bees! (think Chris Farley there)

  2. David, I didn't get what you were on about there, so I googled it. That was so funny! Thanks!!

  3. "I leant over the counter, grabbing him by the hair. “MONEY! NOW!”That's how I ask hubby for money too!!! Except that after being married to me for 20 years, he doesn't have any hair left-go figure.I hope the bees don't get him! I love bees and don't want them to kill themselves over scum like that.Hmmmm… perhaps we could change it to wasps-I hate them! ;pGreat story David! No one does shorts like you babe. :)((Hugs))Laura

  4. Dave, brilliant piece of micro fiction that, with a sharp sting at the end. I once got stung by a bee – 20 quid for a pot of honey 🙂 Ta for those links, n Laura lol.

  5. Clever story Dave. The perps were all business, but it looks like a world of hurt is coming there way. Sandra's blog is excellent. The FFO story was unique that's for sure.

  6. Thanks guys 'n' gals! Nicole – Thank you!Laura – HA!! And thanks a lot. You're too kind!Col – £20 quid for a honey-pot! You're going to the wrong "parlour"! Ha!Sean – Cheers, bud! The FFO story was unique. It made me laugh which worries me a bit! Haha!!

  7. Well done, David. I'm itchy just thinking about the bees ready to descend upon them.

  8. A great Prediction entry, David. Bees rule! Thanks for the shout and also for mentioning February Femmes Fatales – there are some delicious feasts on offer.

  9. Alan – Thank you, my friend. Glad to get you itching!Lily – Thanks and you're welcome. I'm really looking forward to your blogfest!!!

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