Over at Michael J .Solender’s blog The Not, he’s hosting the Language Place Blog Festival.  Micheal was kind enough to ask if the piece I wrote for my father before Christmas could be published in the current edition.  The story was simply called, For My Father.  Check it all out here!

My old(er) mate, co-editor of the great mag Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers and top crime writer, Col Bury, has got a big new fancy blog.  Must’ve done a bank job or summat!!!  It’s a tidy little place and can be accessed here!  Be careful, there’s some dodgy geezers over there!

Be sure to check the above links out!




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6 responses to “A COUPLE OF THINGS…..

  1. Cheers, for the shout, mate, and less of the old(er) 🙂

  2. Oh, n beautiful story that, pal. Will check out Mikey's place after work 2moz.

  3. That is a lovely story, David, and a great showcase for it.

  4. Col – Cheers, bud, and no probs old(er) mate!!Laurita – Thanks so much. Yes, Michael has a great bunch of writing on there.

  5. Thanks for highlighting The Not — I love that place and don't get over there often enough. Congrats on the story inclusion!

  6. I love Michael, and The Not. Glad to see you there!~Lynn

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