Photo-Finish Friday…..For Horror Fans

This weeks photo is slightly out of focus BUT I wanted to post it.  I’m totally fuck, fuck, fucking gutted that I didn’t get a perfect shot (It looks great on the 3 inch screen on the back of the camera).  I took it a couple of hours ago (rushed).  For me it’s the perfect moon shot, one that would always be seen in the Universal and Hammer horror films.

Enlarge it and step back from your screen and it looks a lot better.

I will get that perfect photo of the moon……….one day!

Apologies for the bad language.  It’s been that kind of week!

Photo-Finish Friday is the creation of Leah J. Utas.  Please, go and have a look round her blog.  You’ll be glad you did!  Thanks.




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11 responses to “Photo-Finish Friday…..For Horror Fans

  1. Sorry to hear your week has been less than pleasant, David :-(But this pic's the biz! :-)I almost didn't think it was a real photograph…..I wonder what Lily Childs would make of it, eh?

  2. To be honest, Sue, my weeks not bee that bad. I'm just pissed off that the photo wasn't perfect! Have a great weekend, young lady!!

  3. I would have never know it was out of focus. Like Sue said, it's so cool, it almost looks fake. Any way you slice it, it is very very cool.

  4. Yeah, I'm with the "Is that real?" crowd. And it totally looks like a shot from a werewolf movie: the clouds begin to clear, revealing the full moon, and the panting man in the forest claws at his chest, "No, no, No, NOOOoooooAaaawwwwhhooooo!!!!" LOL!Thanks for the other link as well. You and your wife are a lovely couple and I totally dig the dress she wore to that wedding. Sorry, you looked great as well, but I'd kill for her fashion sense.

  5. What do I think? It's "fuck, fuck, fucking" beautiful. The most astounding skyscapes are those that make you say 'If I painted this, they'd say it's unbelievable – skies like that don't exist.'They do – and here's exquisite proof. Going to have to change my desktop background again!

  6. I think that's pretty close to 'Hammerr-esque'. You can almost hear the wolves howling. It almost looks like an animation, David. I love this shot.

  7. Looks amazing to me, would make a Great David Barber book cover 😉

  8. Sean – Thanks, mate. Rebecca – Thank you, and my wife syas thanks too!! :-)Lily – I knew you'd appreciate it. And you're more than welcome to use it as your desktop wallpaper. ;-)Alan – The Hammer and Universal horror films were awesome and as soon as I saw the moon sat neatly behind the clouds I had to get a shot of it. Thanks, mate!William – I wish! (And hope one day that may be true). Thanks, buddy!

  9. That is an awesome photo! Love it. It makes one want to howl.

  10. Look man, you can't casually throw out 'Hammer horror' without posting something cleavagey. 😉

  11. Damned fine job on the pic.

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