A Late Photo-Finish Friday & Stuff……

The first story goes up today over at The Flash Fiction OffensiveThat Would Be The Moral by Johnny Wolowitz is based in a hospital after a D.I.Y. beauty treatment goes wrong.  It’s gritty, very funny and well written, just how I like them.  Be sure to give it a look and please support him by leaving a comment.  Thanks!

I missed Photo-Finish Friday due to work etc, so here’s my late entry.  It’s probably the last “snow shot” as it’s been raining for days now and most of the white stuff has gone.  Waterlogged roads and fields on their way!

That’s about it.  Submissions at FFO will be open again sometime next week so get writing.  Keep an eye on the site and here for that.  Thanks for looking.
Hey, and be careful out there.  The GOVERNMENT are after us!  Watch they don’t steal the shoes off your feet, or at least tax you on them and take away your job!!  And please don’t become ill as there may soon be no hospitals as they cut NHS funding to fund their own funds, funds, funds!!  Don’t trust the bastards!!  (Only a tiny rant as I’m trying to be more positive this year!)  HA!!


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10 responses to “A Late Photo-Finish Friday & Stuff……

  1. I'm glad you've 'surfaced' – was hoping all was well as your absence has been conspicuous.I'm pleased you are getting to grips with FFO – trust it will not eat up too much of your time so that you don't get to do much writing for yourself.Don't get me started on the government……..>:-(

  2. What a beautiful shot, David. Trust no one.

  3. I will check the link and your debut.Great pic."Where the fuck did my shoes go!"

  4. A brilliant photo, David. Guess that you're back to typical Scottish weather now. Liked the mini-rant. I notice that your attitude has vastly improved in 2011!

  5. Nice shot, Dave. And good luck with your new venture. If things get intense, you know where I am.

  6. Another amazing shot, David!!! Tell me you have these framed all over your house.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. The GOVERNMENT are after us!David, read my latest post because Homeland Security had an issue with me the last day of the cruise.

  9. Thanks guys 'n' dolls! Appreciate you looking!

  10. Dude, you need to find someone in your household to either work or rob banks so you can concentrate on taking more pictures.

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